February 5, 2023

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Most Promising Games of 2023: Top 3 Steven [Fruitblik]

Most Promising Games of 2023: Top 3 Steven [Fruitblik]

We are in the final part of the fruit tray weeks. After looking so much back at the end of last year, we’ve been looking forward to everything to come for some time now. What will 2023 bring us as players? Will there be more squatters coming out in 2022? Surely he will because surnames like The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s TearsAnd Hogwarts Legacy, STALKER 2 Chernobyl and Starfield, there wasn’t much to enjoy in 2022. How about 2023? The odds aren’t bad because the aforementioned caps have been pushed back for this year. What titles are Gamekings looking forward to in the near future? You will get the answer in this series of top 3 answers which will be presented to you in the coming weeks.

Each Gamekings presenter will present you their top 3 offers in the coming weeks

Each Gamekings presenter may introduce you to three games in this series of videos. Three matches he thinks he’ll enjoy the most. What he’s most looking forward to at the moment is three games. Whether these titles will ultimately live up to expectations, of course, remains to be seen. But for now, these games are at the top of the respective presenter’s wish list. In this video it is Stephen’s turn.

What are the most promising games of 2023 for Stephen?

Stephen also came up with the highest 3 times. Just like the rest, he saw many beautiful things on the horizon, and thus wanted to add honorific mentions. From Hollow Knight Sliksong to Starfield and Lies of P to Project Eve/Stellar Blade, there were plenty of options for him. What three games did Stephen end up making the three most promising? You can see and hear it as soon as you start this video about the most promising games of 2023.

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