December 4, 2022

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Motorola Edge 30 Ultra review

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra review

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra. Source Motorola, fair use

Is Motorola Edge 30 Ultra really a worthy contender to the iPhone 14 and Galaxy S22 Ultra? Well, Apple and Samsung are going to have a hard time…

We’ll almost forget, but besides Samsung and Apple there are other brands. For example, Motorola has been attracting attention for several years with good phones at an affordable price, and therefore it is showing rapid growth. With the Edge series, Motorola also wants to play at the top.

One plus Edge 30 Ultra has already won, the competitive price. Immediately Suggested retail price At €899, this is an affordable flagship device compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max and Galaxy S22 Ultra at one and a half to two times the price. But what about the other points? We’ll look at that now.

Beautiful design and sturdy construction

The strong plus is the solid build we’re used to from Motorola. In addition, we find the screen curved on the sides, the width of the waterfall that we know from the first edge. Dimensions average 161.8 x 73.5 x 8.4 mm, and the mass of 198.5 grams is not exceptional. The camera block protrudes at the back due to the zoom, but not very prominently. The frame is made of metal. A small drawback is the water resistance, which is not supported like other flagship phones.

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra charges in 7 minutes

Like all Chinese devices, Motorola Edge 30 Ultra has an excellent fast charger included in the box. With a charging power of 125W, the massive 4,610mAh battery charges in an incredible 7 minutes. In comparison, this is ten times faster than the iPhone 14. And you also have to buy the fast charger at a hefty price.

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Doesn’t a friend have such a cute fast charger? Don’t worry, they can simply enjoy it via the 10W wireless charger built into the device. Of course you can also charge the Ultra wirelessly, at 50W, which you can’t even get with wires on most other flagships.

Latest devices

Also in terms of hardware, Motorola didn’t cut corners on the Edge 30 Ultra. The latest Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage make this a speed beast not to be underestimated. For comparison, a normal computer also has 8 GB of RAM.

This powerful hardware is also essential, given the pixel count of the 6.67-inch FHD + pOLED screen (1080 x 2400 pixels), with a refresh rate of 144 Hz, must be controlled. This means that the games play very smoothly and with great pleasure, without stuttering. This makes the Ultra an excellent gaming phone. Thanks to the Snapdragon Elite Gaming functionality, you can stream from your smartphone to a large screen or projector.

200MP camera on Edge 30 Ultra

Just like iPhone 14 and Galaxy S22 This phone uses pixel binning to get clearer photos. This means that the pixels are combined so the images are 15 megapixels by default. It is possible to turn this option off, so you can register a full 200 megapixels on the sensitive sensor board.

Thanks to the ultra-fast hardware, HD video recording (8K at 30 fps or 4K at 60 fps) is not a problem. The disadvantage of this phone is poor night photography compared to the champion in this field, and iPhone 14. The microphone is also an improvement over the iPhone 14.

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Motorola Edge 30 Ultra review conclusion

This device is a true Motorola with its big battery, competitive price and strong build quality. The device shows that smartphones other than iPhone and Samsung Galaxy are now maturing and offer competitive quality at a competitive price.

Do you really want the best camera quality and Apple feel? Then you can choose iPhone. Want the premium Knox security and Samsung feel? Then choose Samsung. But do you want more value for money? So the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra is simply the best device, which makes these two convenient brands dust.