December 7, 2023

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Mouth caps commitment in nursing home Corona Staphorst fire

Now that the number of corona infections is up again, there are also more fires. One of the biggest fires is Staphorst. Therefore, the nursing home De Berghorst in that municipality is again making a temporary obligation to cover the mouth. People also have to move away a meter and a half. Skipr reports this.

The number of coronavirus cases in Staphorst is rising rapidly, in part due to low vaccination coverage (56 percent versus more than 80 percent nationally). On Sunday, 54 people tested positive for coronavirus in the municipality. The average number of positive corona tests per 100,000 inhabitants is 312. This is the highest number in our country.

Staphorst has only one nursing home and it’s reintroducing the canceled coronavirus measures for mask adherence and distancing. So far, things are going well, says Janine Nordhuis, director of Zorgspectrum Het Zand, of which De Berghorst is part. 67 percent of the population has been vaccinated against corona and only 4 elderly people have tested positive for the virus.

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The nursing home suffers mainly from the loss of staff. Every day there are five or six employees in quarantine because they have complaints or they have relatives who have complaints. “We have to ask people to work extra shifts. That asks a lot of them. I have a lot of respect for all employees who put their shoulders back on the wheel,” Nordhuis says. Although the vaccination rate among employees is suspected to be just as low as other residents of Staphorst, no one is under pressure to vaccinate. However, two of the Corona measures are returning at the request of the client and staff council.

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By: National Care Guide