September 26, 2022

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MSI Titan GT77 and Raider GE67: Meet the 'game cream'

MSI Titan GT77 and Raider GE67: Meet the ‘game cream’

Do you often have to leave the house but don’t want to compromise on gaming performance? Or do you need a laptop that will find its home in the office as well as in your gaming setup? Therefore, MSI will introduce the Titan GT77 and Raider GE67 gaming laptops in the HX series.


MSI is synonymous with gaming and extends beyond graphics cards, motherboards and Optix gaming monitors. MSI has been delivering powerful gaming laptops for years that make gaming available to everyone on the go and at home, without sacrificing performance. With the fastest screens, like the 240Hz OLED panel on the Raider GE67, MSI also helps you defeat your enemies and enhance your gaming experience and performance.

Plenty of performance

No matter if Titan GT77 or Raider GE67 is in your cart, MSI brings you the fun of 12th Gen Intel Core processors, allowing you to enjoy seamless performance during gaming sessions or content creation. The laptops come with an Intel Core i9-12900HX processor, which can be boosted to 150W thanks to MSI cooling technology. Whether it’s heavy 4K gaming sessions or viewing videos in your favorite video editing app, you always get the best possible performance allowed within thermal limits.

MSI Rider GE67
MSI’s Raider GE67

In terms of graphics power, it can get up to an Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080 Ti, ensuring that almost any game can run smoothly and without interruption, even with the display resolutions on Titan GT77 and Raider GE67. Smooth isn’t smooth enough in MSI’s handbook, so it does offer an OverBoost option on HX series laptops. This option temporarily increases the total available power, which solves one of the most pressing problems of gaming laptops – maximum power consumption. By increasing this (temporarily), your graphics card and processor can take on a heavy load for much longer. This results in better long-term performance in gaming, content creation, and many other (heavy) workloads.

Replace Desktop or All

As you can read above, MSI laptops are very similar in terms of Intel processors and Nvidia graphics. However, there are some obvious differences that make the GT77 stand out as a desktop alternative, while the Raider GE67 can be seen as quite versatile.

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Internally you will find a number of obvious differences to this. For example, MSI’s Titan GT77 has four DIMM slots for expanding working memory and four more NVMe M.2 slots for hard drives. This allows the working memory to be expanded to 128GB and the storage memory to a maximum of 32TB. In practical terms, this means that the laptop can be expanded to the point where there is enough space to run the heaviest applications smoothly, to be able to store them and also to be able to easily switch between applications. It also makes the laptop very suitable for the future: if apps require more RAM or storage space in the future, this can simply be added and you can move on for now.


In this respect, the Raider GE67 is more of a traditional laptop, but it still has the option to expand storage and working memory at will. For this you get two DIMM slots and two more NVMe slots. With these expansion options, this laptop can also go ahead and can store enough games or other software for the time being. As SSDs advance, especially in terms of capacity, they will become more accessible in the future and you will be sure to have enough storage space and working memory in a more accessible housing in the coming years.

The fastest OLED screen ever

As with the upgrade options, both mobile devices offer some differences when it comes to the display. The MSI Titan GT77, just like the GT76 that succeeded, has a 17.3-inch screen. This makes the laptop not only an alternative to a mobile desktop in terms of performance, but it also has a screen that can display most information in games no matter where you are, and it is also supported by QHD+ resolution that allows even the smallest details. The game is displayed very sharply. However, MSI also understands that 17.3-inch laptops are not always easy to carry around. Thus, on MSI’s Raider GE67 you’ll find a smaller 15.6-inch screen, but that certainly doesn’t make it the smallest laptop for pro gamers.

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MSI uses the world’s first 240Hz OLED panel on the Raider GE67, which produces rich, saturated blacks that are already black in games and other applications. In addition, the screen with a high refresh rate will ensure that you do not miss any image from the game, so you can only beat the competition.

Titan GT77 uses IPS technology; The laptop has a 120Hz screen, which is still very fast and allows the images of games and other applications to move smoothly without distortions or stuttering. In terms of speed, it is on par with many desktop gaming monitors, which again indicates the connection that MSI wanted to create between the GT77 and its larger “desktop brethren”.

MSI Titan GT77
MSI’s Titan GT77

Whichever model of the HX Series you prefer, MSI offers one certainty: You’ll get a factory-calibrated, color-accurate display. Thus, games and other on-screen content will be displayed as intended by the designer or developer. If you work regularly with content, you can fine-tune the end result so that it appears on its screen as you think about it. Bottom line, you can be sure that with both mobile devices, you will have screens ready for gaming, content creation, or the countless other tasks that laptops can handle.

Games can also be played in style

If you’ve been thinking about going back to gaming laptops from about two years ago, you’ll see huge monsters. With the Raider GE67, MSI shows that gaming laptops should be used everywhere. The titanium case features a dark gray finish with a subtle MSI logo. This makes it look, for the most part, like a regular laptop, until you sit in front of it and test out its gaming performance. This means that the laptop can be easily taken to work during the day, while it is ideally suited for gaming sessions in the evening. If you forgot you’re carrying a gaming laptop, you’ll find the Mystic Light LED lights at the bottom of the laptop to completely transport you into the gaming atmosphere.

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In the Titan GT77 we see a futuristic design in which MSI focused on cooling and laptop performance. MSI installed LED lights across the entire cooling system at the back, emphasizing the laptop’s phenomenal cooling. Not unimportantly, MSI also outfitted this laptop with an industry-leading Cherry MX Ultra Low Switch, each of which has an LED that can be controlled in SteelSeries GG software. This GG program is also used to control the lights located in the back – in the cooling zone. What makes the Titan GT77 unique as a “desktop alternative” is its slim chassis – just 23mm thick. This makes it unequivocally a gaming laptop, with an added design, without being impossible to take with you.

Is it Titan vs. Rider?

With Titan and Raider, MSI is showing that they make gaming laptops for different target groups, each with their own purpose with laptops. Hardcore gamers will feel right at home on the Titan GT77 thanks to unmatched cooling, powerful performance, and the larger screen and keyboard that most gamers dream of. On the other hand, the Raider GE67 offers exactly what gamers need on the go for their gaming experience, without making the laptop stand out too much in the office or other (work) environments. At the same time, it remains a very powerful laptop with plenty of memory expansion options and an unbeatable 240Hz OLED display.

So it’s not even Titan vs Raider, but a battle between the requirements you set for your gaming laptop.

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