March 25, 2023

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Mummy makes no bones about revealing her mask in ‘The Masked Singer’: ‘The first performance has haunted me for twenty years’

attention! Spoiler alert! The mummy mystery has been solved. She made it to Big Bang, but it was just too big for her. “I’ve been compared to Kate Ryan. Cheers, but I can’t stand on her heels!”

Arno van Hout

It was Karen Damen who served as a guest investigator to the rescue He had to come, because the detectives never did much of him again. Surprised “OooohIt sounded when Damen dropped the name Veronique de Cocke. “I think it is her, but if she sings, she will never be like that again.” However, Damen was right, because under the bandages was indeed Miss Belgium 1995, model and presenter Veronique de Cook (45).

“It’s something different, isn’t it!” De Kock says. It’s the first time I’m participating in such a program. Normally, everything should be a bit more solid when I get older, and now I can go wild! So I am real Foolish! You don’t want to see me take my son home in the car, do you? I don’t want to know what that must look like.”

This was not the first time that de Kock had sung publicly. It was actually the second time. “In the first Miss Belgium contest”Without YouMariah Carey sang it. It got me really nervous, so it wasn’t very pure. (He laughsThose images haunted me for twenty years. So I said: de cook and sing? We won’t do that anymore! But in a suit like that, no one will know it’s you. It really is a buffer zone.”

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During her final act, Mummy – appropriately – sang ‘He walks like the Egyptiansfrom Bangles. “Thanks to the good guidance, I got feedback I never thought I could handle. The whole experience was Earl! I’m so glad I got involved.”