December 7, 2023

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'Music is nauseating': Mixed reactions to ABBA's new record 'Journey' |  Music

‘Music is nauseating’: Mixed reactions to ABBA’s new record ‘Journey’ | Music

MusicReactions from the international press are mixed with ABBA’s new studio album, which is released today. ‘Voyage’, the first new record since the band broke up nearly forty years ago, received both positive and critical reviews.

The Guardian is not satisfied with the new record and has only two stars left for the Swedish band’s comeback. According to the review, “No nostalgia, the music is nauseating.” Earlier, the news medium was positive about the two singles from the record released in early September, “I Still Believe in You” and “Don’t Shut Me Down”. British music website New Musical Express (NME) didn’t like it either. “The recorded music is less surprising than the return itself,” NME wrote.

ABBA can count on more recognition from popular music magazine Rolling Stone. The US magazine is full of praise for ABBA’s new album, which will present a series of concerts next year featuring the band’s members in the form of holograms. The magazine, which has four stars, praised the band, saying they were “always good at writing songs”.

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Dutch newspapers react mainly positively, with the NRC’s four stars as being out of the ordinary. AD gives three stars for the album, but finds some songs too cliched or long. “But the old ABBA sound is still good enough 40 years later,” the newspaper said.

In Sweden, the band’s original home, music critics expected more from ABBA’s new record. It’s not ABBA’s best album,” says Anders Dahlbom of Expressen. “It’s not the songs that impress, but the way ABBA still sounds after all these years.” He calls it “a worthy return.”

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Music editor Tali da Silva of Swedish national television channel SVT imagined more of “The Journey”. “Is this what we’ve been waiting for nearly 40 years?” she asks. The reviewer misses the ’70s ABBA feel in the songs. “At that time there were strong emotions, now they did it only for their own pleasure and this is not necessary,” this is the conclusion.

“As if time had stopped”

also we have Your reviewer has mixed feelings With the new album. “Voyage” looks like time has stopped. The Swedish Quartet has remained completely normal and that’s the best they can do. Not all 10 songs are equally successful, but that’s exactly what you could wish for: ABBA vintage. ABBA is sometimes mistaken for “Voyage,” but the Swedes don’t slip. Only the “little things” get in the way. A very smooth and disturbing Christmas carol veered off course towards the end with a tacky children’s chorus. The strength of the album lies in its constant recognition, which for forty years has not lost its power. ”

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