December 9, 2022

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Musk says Twitter has become a payment service

Musk says Twitter has become a payment service

Twitter will become a payment service that costs $8 per month. That is, if you want others to see your tweets.

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter for two weeks, had an audio call with advertisers on Wednesday evening our time. Many of them have suspended their campaigns due to uncertainty about the direction Musk wants to take with the platform. It is unclear if Musk will be able to reassure them. Many questions were about user identity verification and moderation.

Musk said last week that users who pay would get a “blue check” next to their name and suggested their tweets should also be more visible than others. It now appears that it will go much further. “You’ll still be able to see tweets from unverified people like you, and you can check your Gmail spam folder, but the default is to see only verified people,” Musk said. While it continues to call people with a blue check mark “verified,” the company has no plans to actually verify identities. Musk said that if you want a blue check, you have to provide a phone number, a credit card, and pay $8 a month. If you pretend to be someone else with bad intentions on Twitter, you can ban your account temporarily or even permanently.

A Twitter employee announced on Tuesday evening Another plan in. Those who have had a blue tick so far, especially celebrities, politicians and journalists, will now get a new gray tick with an “official” mention. But less than a day later, Musk tweeted about this plan: “I just killed him.” Musk also promised Twitter would be “real, fun, and fun.” But to combat misinformation, Musk said he will mostly rely on a voluntary system launched by his predecessor, former CEO Parag Agrawal: Birdwatch (now renamed Community Notes by Musk).

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