December 9, 2022

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Musk warns against using Starlink antennas in Ukraine ‘away from people’ – IT Pro – News

MSAlters This is correct. And I actually like it that way. There is very little I would like to see inconsistency of the scale of World War II.

bzuidgeest Many of the things you mentioned (by the way, by Putin) were implemented early this millennium. It was on our part, then, that Russia was not taken seriously. Source: A lot of analysts at the moment, for example, said this yesterday on De Afspraak (Belgian TV Show). I can also post a huge laundry list of links and whatever. You can also find all this very easily on your own. The history of this is not etched and is widely available. You can hardly help but conclude that we (the Western world) are simply leaving Russia everyone Initiatives to design a new model for European security. Not often because the European Union or the European members of NATO wanted it. But because the United States often wanted to make Russia a bogeyman for its domestic audience or to maintain this status. At the beginning of this century, NATO was also bored by the fact that it no longer had a mission after the end of the Cold War. Making Russia the bogeyman has allowed NATO to maintain its relevance.

Late edit of @bzuidgeestI think I should back things up with resources. So This link is for an article subordinate American Ambassador to Russia in the 1990s† I am bolding the word American so you can see that I am choosing a source that is clearly from the United States itself. The link goes to his Wikipedia page. He was an ambassador and therefore he is not a fool who knows nothing. Written on February 15, 2022:

Today we are facing can be avoided The crisis between the United States and Russia predictabledeliberately precipitatedbut can be easily solved by applying common sense.

We have missed many opportunities to make a lasting peace with Russia.

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However, this no longer matters. Damage occurred. We are in the midst of the second Cold War, and that war is getting hot in Ukraine. Above all, let’s hope this conflict does not spread. By the way, something happens in almost all conflicts.

Eric Eric 752 Below (we’re going out a bit more now, so I’ll respond with an edit):

It seems very likely that for Russia the war will certainly not go according to plan.

I think this is western wishful thinking. All serious military analysts say things are not going well for Russia. you may file See for yourself and determine objectively that Russia is only gaining territory and losing almost nothing for a long time (here You can find a video showing the progress day by day).

Ukraine is a very big country. You cannot take it in a few days. The surrounding cities are as good as the conquered ones. Why take cities at the start of a conflict if you can just leave them surrounded? They will fall off on their own anyway (no supply lines, etc). Just wait until they have nothing left.

Progress is much slower

You say that less than a week after the start. Just because our media informed the US that Ukraine will fall in a few days does not mean that this is Russia’s military plan.

As far as I know, Russia has not communicated in any way about how long it wants it to take. Putin just said that there are some inconveniences here and there that are being resolved.

Ukraine is resisting more forcefully

I think that is true.

Russian losses (even recognized ones) are great

This is definitely true

The reaction of the West is much stronger than expected.

Perhaps Putin was not expecting the freezing of the Russian National Bank’s funds and the shutdown of the SWIFT system. But everything else. It seems to me.

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Moreover, I am afraid that it does us more harm than Russia.

The technician who came to check the heating yesterday told me that he had clients who told him, with tears in their eyes, that the price of gas was unaffordable for them at around 600 euros a month.

At the moment that’s only half of what it will be. The income of most citizens in Belgium is around 3,500 euros per month. If 1,200 or more were spent on heating there, I can assure you that we would face extreme poverty in Belgium. Should wages go up? Why do companies do this? They also have to pay more for those energy prices. So when wages go up, prices go up as well. In other words, hyperinflation then.

So far I haven’t heard of any solutions to this. Lots of nonsense from politicians. But there are no solid solutions to this difficult problem that hits rock hard.

One could, for example, start now, now, now, and now with the addition of LNG infrastructure in Antwerp, Rotterdam and Zeebrugge. If you do, it will take you about two to three years to absorb the biggest consequences. But then it may well be that our economy will recover within ten years. Because the EU economy is sure to become very heavy due to the energy crisis that is just beginning.

And by the way, who guarantees that these new suppliers won’t make it as difficult for us on a geostrategic level? Because the whole world needs gas and oil. China will surely use this moment against us. so huge. WE ALREADY KNOW THE US PRICE FOR HELP.

The damage to Russia, certainly in the long run, is enormous. Putin himself cannot return without a huge loss of face.

And I don’t think he will return until he achieves his goals in Ukraine.

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