July 25, 2024

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Must Read: Half of the green boxes turn out to be not green

Must Read: Half of the green boxes turn out to be not green

Shrinking high yield market makes us cautious
The high-yield bond market has shrunk significantly in recent years. Since demand remains high, this has led to abnormally low spreads. Therefore, Candriam advises investors to be careful.

DWS is betting on value stocks, banks and automakers
DWS expects a moderate equity return over the next 12 months. “Most stock prices are massively inflated right now, but the huge momentum isn't over yet.” Where else does DWS see equity opportunities?

Stocks can have high interest rates

“Half of green investment funds invest in fossils”
More than half of Dutch investment funds that sell themselves as sustainable also invest in companies that make their money from fossil fuels. Which He finishes A European research group led by Follow the Money.

There is no less place to work in the Netherlands

These funds are better than their rating suggests
Thomas D. Faw It highlights two boxes Who thinks they are doing better than the reviews say.

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Are you looking for an attractive themed box?
Passive thematic funds have higher risks, but ETF costs are much lower than their active competitors, which helps generate returns. Morningstar Analytics.

Amazon sales are through the roof

Forget hedge funds
Michael Sonnenfeld, founder and chairman of Tiger21, a network of high-net-worth investors and entrepreneurs, said hedge funds are “dead” as an investment category for the wealthy. CNBC has the story.

Stock meme down the drain

Social media does not help investors enough
“Social media provides analysts with information that reduces their forecast errors. The result has been an increase in market efficiency, which has led to a decrease in the PEAD anomaly. The bottom line is that the ability to generate alpha is still under attack – trying to outperform the market by Stock picking has become more of a losing game.” here Article.

Earned wages will increase more than collective labor agreement wages in 2023
The average total hourly wage earned increased by 7.0 percent in 2023. This is the largest wage increase in 45 years. Total wages earned increased more than collective labor agreement wages. CBS reported Based on new results.

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The retirement sector: “Digital, sustainable and data-driven”
Deloitte has New expectations Published for the Dutch retirement and insurance market. In the forecast, the consulting company shares its vision on the future of this Dutch sector.

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