September 29, 2023

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NASA may want to land on Mars once it crashes

NASA may want to land on Mars once it crashes

NASA has already landed a number of Mars explorers on the Red Planet. But this is a difficult task. Now the US space agency thinks it’s found a way to facilitate landings: deliberately smashing payloads, with no parachutes or anything to slow them down.

Why is this important?

Getting a robot to Mars costs a lot of money. But once there, there is a risk that the complex landing systems will fail. Streamlining the process could make exploration of the Red Planet easier, cheaper, and more efficient. And if people really want to go to Mars, it’s important that scientists learn about it as much as possible.

the essence

In recent months, NASA has been testing an experimental design for a Mars lander, which red planet It will crash without slowing down. NASA said in a statement Thursday that the design, called SHIELD (Simplified High Impact Energy Landing Device), will have an accordion-like shape, supposedly absorbing the impact of the landing. press release.

  • SHIELD could significantly reduce the cost of landing on Mars. This is because the process is being used now

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