February 4, 2023

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Natalia on death threats from a stalker: "I realize it won't stop"

Natalia on death threats from a stalker: “I realize it won’t stop”

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Natalia, 41, spoke Friday morning on Radio Joe about death threats that a woman would have sent her via Instagram. The singer went to court last week to sue her alleged stalker. “People sit behind their computers and think that anything is possible. I went to court to look into the eyes of this person.”

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The woman in question, SH, is said to have sent messages on social media five times between January and April 2021. “She posted on Instagram that she was going to kill me and take me to court,” Natalia said earlier in this article. Newspaper

The Kempen singer has some negative comments about her repertoire and even about her person, but the death threats go a long way, she tells Sven and Anke on Joe. “We live in a period where people are becoming more bitter, but that does not mean that you can threaten someone with death. I really want to make a point, but I also realize that it will not stop.”

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Defendant S. did not appear. before the court and represented by her lawyer. Natalia thought it important to attend the hearing in person. “People sit behind their computers and think anything is possible. I went to court to look into this person’s eyes. Unfortunately they weren’t there.”

To find out whether or not the woman was responsible, the court appointed a psychiatrist to examine her. Natalia also noted that nowadays little attention is paid to mental health. “People should ask for help when something is wrong. I do. I also go to a psychologist occasionally. I need that, because you have to keep your balance. Very little money is allocated to people who need help but can’t carry around “.

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