December 4, 2022

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National coach Belgian Gates after defeat against USA: "Give more defensive pressure"

National coach Belgian Gates after defeat against USA: “Give more defensive pressure”

National coach Valéry Demory started with the Belgian cats with a logical defeat in the World Cup against the United States. © Belka

After losing their opening game against world champions USA, the Belgian Cats are positive. The loss against the inaccessible United States was therefore calculated. “We need to put more defensive pressure in the coming games,” said national team coach Valeri Demori.

Patrick Soulemans in Sydney

National coach Valérie Demory started the analysis of the match and started with positive things in the traditional press conference against USA. “I am satisfied with what I have seen from my team. We came out with a good transition defense that got America in trouble a few times. That’s an incentive. However, America played hard and this meant we lost by no less than 25 balls. They put a lot of pressure in the second half and that got us into trouble. However, don’t forget that five players (Lizova, Joris, Ben Abdelkader, Ramet and Resimont) made their debut in a major tournament.

The Americans were also able to limit Emma Meesemann (4 points). “It’s never going to be easy for Emma against the US team, the US players know her very well. We have to be tough on defense in the next games. That should be our hallmark in the next games.

Kyara Linskens: “Knee injury doesn’t seem too bad”

Kyara Linskens was reasonably optimistic about her knee injury after the match. “I think my knee is fine. I was shocked by the impact of the fall, but I think we can play tomorrow. USA is also the best team in the world and it’s always tough. For us, it’s a good preparation to grow in the competition. We have to win against Korea tomorrow,” he said.

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