December 9, 2022

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National Day Celebration (Updated)

The National Day celebration began on Friday with a reception and speech by Prime Minister Li Keqiang at the Great Hall of the People. 200,000 people attended the flag raising in Tiananmen on Saturday. Residents follow the advice to travel less, but the food industry is booming.

Reception in the Great Hall of the People for People’s Daily / Xinhua Disclaimer

The Chinese people’s self-confidence is high as women’s basketball has reached the top of the world for the first time in 30 years. Fiba ultimate; The astronauts sent congratulations from space and last week the C919 passenger plane was licensed. The National Day celebration began Friday evening with a reception at the Great Hall of the People, where Prime Minister Li Keqiang addressed 500 domestic and foreign guests.

“China coordinated the response to the epidemic with social and economic development and responded effectively to the complex and dangerous international environment as well as other challenges posed by the coronavirus and severe floods,” he said. “On the way forward, we still face many difficulties and challenges, and the journey towards achieving the second centenary goal is still long,” Li continued, stressing that development is the foundation and the key to overcoming all challenges.

“In order to promote the new development model and high-quality development, efforts should be made to adopt systematic epidemic prevention and establish reasonable expectations with an emphasis on scientific and technological innovation, increasing domestic demand and revitalizing rural areas,” Li added. Specifically, a series of measures must be taken to create more jobs, promote equal opportunity, encourage entrepreneurship and innovation and increase personal income in urban and rural areas, Prime Minister Lee said.

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Saturday, 73ste Anniversary of the People’s Republic. 200,000 people attended Tiananmen to raise the flag. This is the start of the 11 day vacation.

The railways expect 6.23 million passenger trips every day. Only 9.7 million passengers were registered on the railways on Saturday, down sharply from 16 million last year. On Saturday, according to the Department of Transportation, 33% fewer road trips were made compared to last year. The government has asked residents not to travel long distances to prevent COVID-19 contamination. according to Mituan However, reservations for online catering services increased by 87.6% compared to 2021, and reservations for luxury restaurants increased by 49%. Orders from high-end restaurants from Beijing tripled, followed by Hangzhou and Shanghai. And I went to the cinema on Saturday according to Moyan Down from last year’s 630 million to 262.5 million yuan.

China also received congratulations among others, United nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif. Even US BuZa Secretary Blinken sent congratulations.

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