January 27, 2023

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Nearly three hundred chip shop owners have been recognized as "Recognized Fritarian Experts" |  interior

Nearly three hundred chip shop owners have been recognized as “Recognized Fritarian Experts” | interior

On Monday, around 292 Flemish chip shop owners were awarded the title of “Recognized Friator Maker”. It shows getting to know fryers that truly work according to traditional methods and puts quality, hygiene and professional pride first. The title was created by Horeca Vlaanderen and Navefri, the National Professional Association of Chip Shop Owners, with support from Vlaio.

It was Flemish Minister of Labor and Economy Jo Bruns (CD&V) who on Monday delivered the first tribute to knitter Ronnie Furtmanns from De Frietboutique in Oudsbergen, Limburg. More than half of all Belgians eat french fries at least once a week. French fries are part of our tradition. It is truly an intangible cultural heritage that we can be very proud of. The ingenuity of our ferrite makers should definitely not be lost.”

some cases

Anyone wishing to be recognized as a freeware maker must fulfill a number of conditions. For example, fresh chips should be used with dimensions of 9-14 mm, and they should be baked twice depending on the specified temperatures. Furthermore, there are also requirements regarding the pan used and chips must be served in cardboard trays or conical bags. The article must also have at least five years of experience or have completed Syntra professional training and present at least eight typical frying sauces. Of course, your deep fryer must also comply with FASFC’s legal food safety standards.

full list

The accreditation is valid for three years. Then the pie maker can apply for his or her approval again and a new check will follow. The full list of recognized friturists can be found at https://www.erkendfriturist.be/vind/.

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