November 27, 2022

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Neither Haaland nor goals: City score points in Copenhagen after a game full of setbacks |  UEFA Champions League 2022/2023

Neither Haaland nor goals: City score points in Copenhagen after a game full of setbacks | UEFA Champions League 2022/2023

Manchester City lost their first points in the Champions League in Copenhagen. With archer Erling Haaland on the bench, things went wrong in the first half for the England champions: a goal disallowed, a missed penalty and a red card. For example, City stopped off at 0-0, but Dortmund’s draw means they are certain for a place in the last 16.

Copenhagen – Manchester City in a nutshell:

  • statistics: City did not score a goal for the first time since 0-0 in April against Atletico.
  • Key moments: No interference by the VAR.
  • quotes: “Haaland was very tired.”

The VAR plays the leading role

Chef Guardiola’s surprise: He started in Copenhagen with Haaland on the sofa. But last week, the phenomenon was fantastic, scoring two goals in half a game.

Don’t worry, after 10 minutes the ball was already in. Rodri hit it in the upper left corner.

This was calculated without the VAR. He intervened for the first time and signaled to the referee a manual (light) presentation by Mahrez. The goal did not count.

The video referee appeared on stage and will continue to play for a while.

Bad luck for Rodri (right), his goal doesn’t matter.

Soon after, he performed again, but this time in favor of City. Now the VAR defender in Copenhagen has seen that Boilesen incorrectly touches the ball.

Mahrez prepared to convert a penalty like last week. Polish goalkeeper Grabara refused to play. Keep the number 0 on the board for Copenhagen.

In half an hour, the video referee pressed his button again, because Sergio Gomez suspended his opponent in Al Hilal. Red for the former Anderlecht player, City had to finish the match with ten.

Haaland does not come

Haaland will come after the break. No, at most the Norwegian got off the couch to stretch his legs.

Then De Bruyne tried from afar. He put the ball toward the far corner, and once again Grabara’s cap was ready. Cancelo also got to know the Copenhagen goalkeeper.

Suspicion struck Citi. He wouldn’t blow his opponent away this time.

Fifteen minutes before the end, Guardiola pushed De Bruyne to the side, but not Haaland. No, the great striker did not play.

For example, the Premier League champions are stuck 0-0 and 10 out of 12 in the Champions League. Because Sevilla couldn’t win in Dortmund, he already has a ticket to the next round.

Why didn’t Haaland play: He was too tired

After the match, Pep Guardiola had to explain why he had not brought Erling Haaland.

“He finished everything on Saturday after the league game against Southampton (4-0). He was very tired. And after days he recovered well,” the Manchester City coach explained.

Yesterday it didn’t go well. Today it was already better, but we didn’t want to take any risks.

Haaland is not the only one tired. Guardiola: “I have little. That’s why Phil Foden and Bernardo Silva didn’t start either.”

Can City count on Haaland again next Sunday? Then you play the role of the English superstar on the Liverpool website.

“Tomorrow we will have a rest day. Then we will prepare for the match,” the coach said.

We didn’t want to take risks with Haaland.

City coach Erling Haaland
  1. The second half, the 94th minute, the game is over
  2. The second half, the 94th minute. End: 0-0. After last week’s top scorer (5-0), Manchester City came out with a goalless draw in the second leg, the first loss of points in the current Champions League season for the English champions. Because Haaland stayed on the bench for 90 minutes. And because the video referee was against City with an illegal goal and a red card as a result. Although the team has also thanked the VAR for a penalty… with 10 out of 12, Manchester City are not yet sure of the next round. If Sevilla don’t win at Dortmund later, the spoils will be there. .
  3. The second half, the 93rd minute. Substitution in Copenhagen, Paul Makiro inside, Marko Stamenic outside
  4. Yellow card for Robin Dias from Manchester City during the second half, minute 92
  5. The second half, the 91st minute. +3 minutes. The extra time has come. .
  6. The second half, the 90th minute. Stamenic aims at the far post. Copenhagen player bid go away. .
  7. The second half, the 88th minute. Substitution in Manchester City, Nathan Ake, Aymeric Laporte
  8. The second half, the 88th minute. Not Haaland, but defender Aki ready to fill the void for the visitors. .
  9. The second half, the 86th minute. 5 minutes left on the clock. 0-0 is still on the board. The city could also move forward with this finding. If Sevilla do not win in Dortmund later. .
  10. Yellow card for Copenhagen’s Marko Stamenic during the second half, 82nd minute
  11. Grabara takes. Cencelo tries from the second line. His shot goes to the near position, Grabara takes it. . Second half, 82nd minute.
  12. The second half, the 80th minute. Phil Foden replaced Jack Grealish. Can he put the ball in? He’s scored 5 times in the last 3 games, just think of the hat-trick against United. .
  13. The second half, the 80th minute. Substitution in Copenhagen, Kevin Dix, Davit Khocholava.
  14. Second half, minute 77. Substitution in Manchester City, Phil Foden inside, Jack Grealish outside
  15. The second half, the 77th minute. A switch in Manchester City, Bernardo Silva entered, and Kevin De Bruyne came out.
  16. Second half, 76th minute. De Bruyne replaced. No, De Bruyne won’t make the difference. Guardiola take it out to Bernardo Silva. & nbsp; A new challenge awaits the Red Devil on Sunday. Then City will play the first match in England at Liverpool Stadium. .
  17. The second half, the 73rd minute. Copenhagen closes 1-0. What an opportunity for the host side! Christianson runs the ball well towards the far post. Johansson slips too late. This should have been 1-0. .
  18. Second half, 72nd minute.
  19. The second half, the 69th minute. Rajer controls the ball in the penalty area, but collapses under the pressure of Rodri. .
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