February 6, 2023

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Netflix can now be canceled via the iOS app without Apple – Computer – News

OK, but this rule will expire if there are two supermarkets around the world.

After all, we will never allow only two banks around the world, or only telecom providers around the world (expensive internet line), or two insurance companies (no longer paying anything)…

So why are you all of a sudden defending everything when it comes to Apple..? We don’t do the rest either, right?

Precisely because we have an open market, there is an option for Apple to offer Apple Pay.
If we always thought this way, and only had 1/2 bank left, Apple Pay would never happen, do you realize it? :)

The open market, market forces, a healthy economy, give it a name..

But literally putting everything under one party, without anyone getting any insight into the symbol of that party, it just doesn’t go well.

And you can actually see that, because you’re not allowed to decide which apps you install, how you receive your money and what you put into your written software, Apple will do it for you…

Great, I’m afraid this discussion won’t stop.

The kind of person who says Nike has the best shoes, because Nike says so, while you get 0.0 data from them… And based on these facts, should we just let it make it impossible for other shoe manufacturers, ‘just because they can decide Nike for itself.

Replace Nike with “Coca Cola”, “Shell” etc, and you’ll (hopefully) see how good the world has become (…..) now that these limbs are practically indestructible…

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But each one has his own :)

Otherwise, let’s make one country responsible for more than 50% of our gas, it would probably do just fine (cough)

ps plus, if it works really that simple and we can all decide everything ourselves, wouldn’t Google remove all search results it finds “unsafe”? Or the banks that only allow 40% interest or else you’ll suffocate in your shop and shut down the tent,

Because they can decide for themselves! but? so sad

Great, once Apple says it’s blocking your account and there’s no one way to pay with your existing bank and phone, plus you’re out of data…Enjoy

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