June 3, 2023

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Netflix has a true crime docuseries about the decline of the dynasty

Netflix comes up with a detailed docu-series about the secrets of the Murdaugh Law family.

A major experiment recently ended in the US state of South Carolina. One prominent member of the community, attorney Alex Mordeau, has been convicted of killing his wife, Margaret (“Maggie”), and their son, Paul. This was the conclusion of a story bordering on fantasy.

The docuseries consists of three episodes, and you can watch the trailer below. The special thing about this series is that its makers have completed the entire story. The Mordo family was so powerful that they ended up owning the entire administrative apparatus.


The Murdo family story began in 1910, when Randolph Murdo established a law firm in South Carolina. This was in the so-called Low Country, in the southeastern United States on the coast. Over the years, the Mordo family has managed to build a position of strength. The family really had a big toe in the pie all around. Both in terms of administration, police and judiciary. In fact, they were absolute rulers.

A collapsed house of cards

Despite the strength of the Murdu family, they were also unstable people. Father Alex struggled with an addiction to opiates, on which he spent a lot of money. To finance this addiction, he committed massive fraud. Son Paul was known as a loose cannon with a grumpy drunkenness. Their political and economic dynasty eventually became a shaky house of cards.

The documentary opens with the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of 19-year-old Mallory Beach. She was friends with her son, Paul, who went aboard and drowned during a boat trip on the Beaufort River in 2019.

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Fraud, fraud and murder

From there it is told how events escalated, leading to the deaths of Alex’s wife Maggie and son Paul. Both were shot dead in the Murdue district, for which Alex is now sentenced.

Numerous conversations with all potential parties involved, both friends and authorities, provide detailed information. Special recordings and reconstructions hitherto unknown to the general public can be seen and heard. In this way, a picture is being painted of a family that for years thought it was above everything and everyone.

look The Mardo Crimes: A Southern Scandal on Netflix.