May 29, 2023

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New character in Thuis: Danny Timmermans from Lier...

New character in Thuis: Danny Timmermans from Lier…

Kris turns out to be an old acquaintance of Harry (Stan Van Samang), someone he’d rather not do anything with. To the outside world, Chris is a charming guy, but there is more to it than that. “Chris owns a beverage company and is trying to attract as many coffee shops as possible,” says Danny of his new role. “The man does not have a family, especially business relations are important. Because also a file W817A movie coming out, I wanted to be in it Homepage different look. I just got the Netflix series The last kingdom I have seen. Chris’ haircut inspired by Finan’s character.

Although his first TV experience dates back to 1985 when he recorded a part in it Master starts againDuring the early days of filming, Danny was amazed at the number of staff, the number of scenes, and the amount of emails from the production he received. “I had to look for a system to separate the important from the less important. But I was still afraid that one day I would get a phone asking where I lived, and it turns out I forgot to come to the set.”

net series

Big viewers saw Danny, except for a moment familyNot on TV for a while. “Because I’ve done a lot of errands for Ketnet, including the chain Me too Which we scored in the summer of 2020 with all kinds of bubbles. This is how I formed a bubble with my partner Mathilde Timmermans (Goedele from FC . Champions) and her daughter Gloria Monseries. We packed those scenes onto our boat.”

Timmermans was born in Deurne. Later he moved to Mechelen and Leuven. He and his family have lived in Lier for the past six years. “A place chosen at that time because of our boat, because it is not welcome everywhere. In the early years we did not have an official place, we eventually received recorded messages that we had to leave. All utilities were installed here.”

Actor Danny Timmermans on his house buoy in Lier. © Joren De Weerdt


Why the boat? We had to leave our home in Leuven. We were looking for a place between Leuven and Mechelen. The home of a family with four children turned out to be unaffordable. Or we paid our bills for renewal. For fun we went to see the old shipping cost. We saw this boat on the Albert Canal, and decided to go on it. Our ultimate dream wasn’t to live on a boat, but there weren’t many other options. If we had known what obstacles would arise, we would not have bought that boat. Fortunately, we are now satisfied.”

Living on a boat is different from living in a house. “If you flush the toilet, you need a pump to direct the waste water somewhere. On a boat, you have to deal with more technology. For example, after several years, it needs to be moved to a dry sump, so that the underside can be checked. The advantage is That you can also dock somewhere else. Suppose we get a job for a few months in Ghent or Ostend, we can go there with our house. I don’t have a boat license, but I have a driver’s license. After all, the first is professional commercial shipping. Training is more rigorous My license comes under the pleasure boat.”

Part of the boat still needs refurbishment. “This is a lifelong business and costs a lot of money. The wood outside is not durable. But we knew this in advance. It’s been eight years and this is the limit. I have the full time of my life to do something about it.”

Organic roller coaster

During our visit Danny was alone. “Gloria sometimes sleeps here, depending on what she’s doing. Her career goes fast. Sometimes I’m amazed at how quickly she launched herself. On the other hand, this has never been an unknown world. Her father is also an actor.”

Homepage It will take a lot of time in the coming months. But we’ve also been working on theater projects again since September. My life is a great organic roller coaster ride. I am not a person who is always busy with career planning, and let things come to me more. As a result, it’s very quiet at times, and then very busy again.”

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