July 16, 2024

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New cryptocurrencies launch and rise by 600%

New cryptocurrencies launch and rise by 600%

Many cryptocurrency traders eagerly await new listings on major cryptocurrency exchanges, because sometimes things get interesting. The day before yesterday, it was the turn of Subquid (SQD), a token that showed a significant increase of about 600% immediately after its listing. Traders watched prices rise dramatically, hoping to make quick profits.

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What is Subquid?

Subquid (SQD) is an innovative decentralized data network designed to provide developers with access to data, with the goal of building a neutral and open Internet rooted in Web3 principles. Secured by ZK proofs, the Subsquid network features a modular architecture that claims to enable exceptional scalability and developer ease.

Today, cryptocurrency ecosystems are struggling to adapt to the rapidly evolving blockchain environment. Additionally, the network serves as a highly efficient, decentralized alternative to centralized infrastructure companies, including major RPC and API providers. Subaquid promises there is a solution.

Rise of SQD

Subquid’s initial launch on Bybit was a huge success, with an impressive 600% increase within 10 hours of listing. This led to a lot of excitement and interest from traders hoping to profit from the rapid rise in prices. Unfortunately, volatility proved inevitable, and Subquid’s price subsequently fell again. Since this peak, the price has fallen by 30%, which is actually not too bad considering the previous high.

SQD chart on Bybit (powered by SATOS)

With a market cap of $25 million, Subquid remains a relatively modest player in the cryptocurrency world. Cryptocurrency investors should always be cautious and only invest what they can afford to lose given the market’s volatility and unpredictability.

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Investing or trading in new tokens like SQG can be very exciting and can bring good profits, but the risks associated with the new tokens are enormous.

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