July 20, 2024

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New Czech Prime Minister appointed from a glass case

New Czech Prime Minister appointed from a glass case

From now on, the center-right Peter Fiala can call himself the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. Sworn in before President Milos Zeman from a glass case. Zeman contracted the coronavirus last week.

Czech President Milos Zeman said that state affairs should not give way to corona infection. That’s why the 77-year-old head of state named his new prime minister out of a glass box. Other attendees wore FFP3 masks. The man who pushed the president into the cube (Zeman in a wheelchair) went in full Corona’s clothing: in a white protective suit.

Despite the ceremonial difficulties, center-right Peter Fiala ordered the formation of a government. From Monday, nominated ministers must visit the president. By December 13, every member of the government should have spoken to the president and the Villa team can get started.

Low immunization coverage

Meanwhile, the Czech Republic is struggling with a heavy fourth wave. So Fiala, in his first speech, called on the Czechs to be vaccinated. With a vaccination rate of 58.5 percent, the country scores 7.2 percentage points worse than the European average. We are facing a tough time full of challenges. “I want a government of change for the future,” Philae said.

Controversial Fiala replaces Andre Babis. Babis was mentioned during election week in October in the Pandora Papers, which mapped the external tax structures of the powerful on Earth.

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