February 6, 2023

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New Djokovic soap in the US?  All items are included

New Djokovic soap in the US? All items are included

Whether or not Djokovic is allowed to compete in Indian Wells is an issue that has little to do with tennis.Image Getty Images

They thought it would be nice to put the big players who missed out on this year’s famous Masters match on a special wall in Indian Wells. “We will miss you” along with the likes of Ash Party and Serena Williams. But Novak Djokovic is also in place. Because it seemed so logical. No one who is not vaccinated will enter the United States. “So I can not play there,” Serbian said. He added that he agrees to pay the price for his policies. You can not currently enter any country without the shot, let alone.

Exploring boundaries

Djokovic is still on the Indian Wells squad for the men’s starting on Thursday. He finished second with the bag in the first round. Will he come? No one knows. The competition has been quiet from the setting for several days. His name was not mentioned during the match. Then came a small report, saying that Djokovic still had talks with the team and was unsure if he had the right documents and could play. His first match will usually be on the weekend.

Djokovic threatens to become the center of a riot again. He is pushing the boundaries again, as he did in Australia earlier this year. He would not have entered the country without the corona vaccine, but Djokovic was initially able to obtain a medical exemption based on a recent infection. The Australian government did not accept this, after which he was deported after two cases and was detained at an immigrant hostel. Soap Grand Slam, then No. 1 in the world, was completely obscured.

Image damage

In an attempt to repair some damage to his image, Djokovic gave some interviews. As soon as the infection occurred, he repeatedly came among the people and admitted to being careless. That Publicity underestimated the riot. In some countries he will admit that he cannot play tennis unless he is strictly with vaccinated travelers. This did not immediately dispel doubts about the correctness of his story and his positive test.

Djokovic then played in the Middle East. Defeated relatively early, Daniel Medvedev took the No. 1 spot. He sent Russian greetings. Earlier this week, Djokovic made headlines by asking for financial help from former Ukrainian tennis player Sergei Stakovsky, who had joined the army in his home country to fight the Russians.

Lack of sportsmanship

But the tight rope that balances Djokovic remains thin. Whether he is allowed to compete in Indian Wells or not, again an issue that has little to do with tennis attracts everyone’s attention. Failed to serve clear wine before the match started. Djokovic refused to leave the show. If he did not receive his medical records properly and had to be sacked, a player should not have played in the qualifying round: João Sousa. So someone else should have been given the opportunity to qualify through those qualifications. Also, the draw for the main match will be changed. It is considered non-playing in the world of tennis. One can only guess at the question of how the United States will respond to someone looking for loopholes in the law to get out of the corona rules.

Let alone if Djokovic participates. It is not excluded. The general recommendation is that he fly to Mexico and from there cross the U.S. border and travel by car to California. He did nothing illegal. All visitors to the tennis park in Indian Wells must be vaccinated, not players.

New Djokovic seems to have all the ingredients for soap.

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