June 5, 2023

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New fabrics in Heidlam’s range of sustainable eco-friendly fabrics

With Headlam wholesaler’s latest series of eco-friendly sustainable curtain fabrics, you’ll feel like summer. This series called EFF Sustain consists of nine new items. From transparencies in monograms and prints, light curtains, coarsely woven or floor-to-ceiling velor to blackout.

A series of fabrics that are not only colorful, diverse and refreshing, but the phrase “sustainable rather than expensive” also applies to them. All curtain fabrics from the Eco Friendly Fabrics collection are made from sustainable staples. These materials have been treated in an eco-friendly way to become the most attractive fabric for indoors.

Sustin curtain fabric is a rich velvet fabric. With this canvas there is always a color to match. Sustain consists of no fewer than 37 colours. In the images above, Headlam shows off three of my favorite colors. Good to know This fabric is made from 100% recycled polyester.

Night shift
Solid texture and also blackout? Yes, this is our Nightshift curtain fabric. This texture has a “sanded” effect. This effect creates an antique look.

Cheerful and airy pastel shades this is spring’s drape. Curtain fabric pops up. Soft pastel shades create a colorful and refreshing look in the home. It is translucent, so it can blend in well with the interior of the room.

The cloth fluid is a curtain cloth with a border pattern. What exactly is a border style? This fabric has a gradation of colours. At the bottom, the fabric starts to darken and becomes lighter. The canvas upper has a beautiful natural shade. This canvas comes in four colors: Camel, Pinky’s, Earth, and Lake.

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Curtain fabrics are made of 100% recycled polyester. In short, polyester is a plastic. This fabric is made from recycled polyester, such as PET bottles or old fishing nets. This fabric is an elastic fabric.

Re-Focus curtain fabric is also one of our most colorful curtain fabrics. They’ve shown off their blush, skin, and darker linens in the photo above. These three colors give a summery feel right at home.

A maze
You will never get bored of our labyrinth curtain fabrics. The different shapes and colors create a playful effect in the room. This print creates a cool look in front of the window, because the pattern is slightly faded.

Conserve curtain has a rough and tough look. This fabric is also suitable for making pillows. This way you create an overall look in the room.

This texture is reminiscent of summer flower fields. That is why this substance is also called fields. The colors found in the flowers can be found in this canvas. Like apricot, soft yellow and green tones.

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