July 24, 2024

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New Golf GTI, Zuck on the Surf and DJ prank – DutchCowboys

New Golf GTI, Zuck on the Surf and DJ prank – DutchCowboys

This week we saw the strangest things on social media. Zuckerberg surfing (online/not online…) and the DJ who scares the crap out of partygoers. Watch:

Mark Zuckerberg celebrates Independence Day in his own special way

Beer, an American flag, and a suit on a surfboard: You wonder what you’re looking at, but it’s actually Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg wishing America a Happy Fourth of July:

Sara’s Crazy Exam Viral Clip

There is something touching about the final exam video of the Batavs Lyceum in Hengelo. A lot of work is always put into the final exam period, and it even includes a fairly professional video, which fortunately we can all enjoy. Congratulations to all these diplomas.

Balotelli drunk falls in the street

While footballers are competing fiercely in Germany, former footballer Mario Balotelli is having a party. In one video, he falls to the ground drunk and then continues walking. People don’t have much to say about it, but the former Italian athlete doesn’t see much harm in it: “What exactly am I being criticized for?” he asks. high After this viral video.

For all those who miss the old Golf GTI

It may be completely fake, but we want it to be real, this modern version of an old Golf from the 80s. Low profile tires, fun headlights and an overall modern look. What a car!

Painting thieves show remorse

A local police officer in De Lier posted a wonderful message on Instagram. After first reporting that the culprits had posted a video of the traffic sign theft online, the young offenders still came to the police officer with their legs hanging out to return the signs. The wonders are yet to come out of the world. Watch how the signs are replaced Instagram.

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Mother Nature’s Rules

In an amazing video shared by Benjamin Estrade, you can see how a giant ancient tree was completely blown away in one go due to extreme weather conditions in its location. There was a severe thunderstorm in Oger and lightning caused the entire tree to be wiped out in one go:

He cheated

Festival season is in full swing and many Dutch people go to Dance Valley or a similar festival. Be aware of the following, because some of the DJs have a very good sense of humor: