February 8, 2023

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New headache symptoms of corona?  easy explanation

New headache symptoms of corona? easy explanation

Multiple studies have shown that headache can be a symptom of the omicron variable What reports from Volkskrant. It is said that complaints of headache and tiredness are more common in South Africa, the country where omicron appeared, than coughs and colds. The same is evident in studies from the United Kingdom and Norway.

‘A male never?’

The person currently infected with corona is Henry Macmillan from Amsterdam. He contracted her during a New Year’s Eve party with about a dozen friends. They have all taken a self-test beforehand. It was negative, but it now appears that all 10 guests have coronavirus. “It’s really unbelievable,” Macmillan told EditieNL. “did not expect that.”

The only complaint I’ve had so far is a slight headache and a bit of tiredness. “I was expecting I might cough, have a sore throat, or lose my taste.” But he says it looks like a hangover. “If my friends hadn’t had coronavirus, I wouldn’t have been tested. Complaints are that light.”

So Macmillan only suffered from headaches. However, headaches alone are not an indication that it’s omicron, immunologist Geir Rikers told EditieNL. Although, according to him, it can be a new variant of corona accompanied by new symptoms. “It’s not necessary, but it’s also not very strange. The virus itself is also changing.”

Rijkers explains that you can also have a fever if you have an infection. Then your body temperature rises to be able to work better against the infection. It’s kind of an alert that something is going on in your body. You should see this headache the same way.

According to the immunologist, we also should not forget about other symptoms. “One variable may have different properties,” he says. “But also loss of smell or taste, for example, is still a symptom.”

RIVM . response

And the National Migraine Institute doesn’t yet offer a definitive answer to headaches as a symptom of a new aura. Therefore it is not yet listed in the list of symptoms on the website. A spokesperson says: “The problem is that we don’t yet know if there are really new or different symptoms, because we don’t have enough data for that. But of course we’ll look again if headaches are a common complaint. Now nothing indicates that for us and the organization hasn’t said World Health Organization that it is one of the symptoms so far.”