July 21, 2024

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New managers of Café Hovigsers: “You shouldn’t miss this lovely corner” (Boechout)

New managers of Café Hovigsers: “You shouldn’t miss this lovely corner” (Boechout)

Sebastian and Wendy continue the story of ‘t Hoefijzer. © Philip Spaulders


From the outside, it’s immediately apparent that Café ‘t Hoefijzer in Boechout has been given a new lease of life. This café owes its debt to Sebastian Fernandez Moreno and Wendy Sales: “We turned it into a popular café for all ages.”

Philip Spoolers

In Boechout it is noted that the café on the corner of Sint-Bavoplein and Jef Van Hoofplein may be the oldest in the municipality. The Flemish Immovable Heritage Agency states that in 1804 there was an inn at Het Hoefijzer.

The building had been empty for a good year, but Sebastian and Wendy changed that. Due to the death of the previous owner, the café remained closed for about a year. We came here occasionally for a drink and thought this lovely corner must not go away. The location in the center is perfect,” they say.

The new managers gave the corner to the building a different look. © Philip Spaulders

As experienced entrepreneurs, they accepted the challenge and the building was extensively renovated for a month. “We’ve turned our brown-coloured pub into a popular coffee shop where everyone is welcome. We have all the classic drinks and our crystal beers come from the tanks. Customers see this instantly in the airy interior.”

Sebastian and Wendy aren’t the first when it comes to entrepreneurship. With Atmospher they have a painting and interior design company, while De Kokerij is known for its workshops and summer bar around barbecue.

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“For our small menu, we continue the line from De Kokerij to our café. Our tapas for a little hunger is prepared on the grill. During the matches of the Red Devils in the World Cup, our guests are given a small hamburger. We will regularly modify this map and possibly even expand it.”

By the way, Wendy and Sebastian promise to organize a thematic moment at the appointed time. For example, breakfast is planned for December 4th. Meanwhile, they work in the space above the café. “We will furnish it as a multi-purpose room. It will be suitable for meetings, baby showers, product presentations and other gatherings. We will work with an open bar, where guests can take their drinks. We also have our terrace in the square where the sun shines until late in the day.”

Open 7 of 7

Hoefijzer is currently open seven days a week. “During the afternoons and weekends, we are around as much as possible. We love being among people. Plus, we are supported by a great team of ten flexible employees.”