October 3, 2022

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New patent suggests Sony is working on PS3 accessory compatibility on PS5

New patent suggests Sony is working on PS3 accessory compatibility on PS5

Over the years, Sony has released quite a few accessories for different PlayStations. In many cases, Sony leaves these accessories as they are after a few years, but the exception, of course, is the PlayStation Move. These consoles were given a new lease of life with the introduction of PlayStation VR, but now it looks like Sony is planning to do the same with many other products.

There is a new patent Presenter This indicates that old accessories are now usable again in PlayStation 5. The patent is called: “Systems and Methods for Converting Old Code to Updated Code” and is accompanied by the image above. This mainly concerns accessories released for the PlayStation 3. Think of PlayStation Eye, PlayStation Move and Media Remote, but also the PSP Go.

We also see a product like the “Old Card Reader”. Perhaps a way to be able to read classic saved data from PS One and PS2 memory cards? It remains to be seen if Sony will do something about the patent. This once again shows that Sony plans to do more with legacy content.

Additionally, it links to previous rumors that a PS3 emulator is being worked on. By making accessories from the past usable, content from these consoles can receive better support on PlayStation 5. For now, however, we are dependent on PlayStation Plus, where PS3 games are available for streaming.

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