December 4, 2022

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New quarry details in new trailer

New quarry details in new trailer

It’s no secret that we look forward to it quarryThe new game from the makers of Until dawn. With a release in just over a week, 2K Games comes with a new trailer full of gameplay details.

in quarry Follow the Nine Camp Leaders to Hackett Quarry Summer Camp. On the last day of camp, they throw a farewell party that can’t help but go wrong.

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quarry promises like Weird things A tribute to the eighties. In this way, inspiration was clearly drawn from evil deadFriday the 13thAnimal Cemetery And the Halloween† Is there an absolute star (horror) and there are different visual options. Black and white, 8mm film grain or classic VHS look. There are also a lot of options related to accessibility. You can make Quick Time Events longer or shorter and make visual and audio adjustments. There is also an orientation mode where you can fill in the characters and their interrelationships and let the AI ​​play the game. Or even more fun: use movie mode. Here you experience the game as a full movie, there is even the possibility to choose who lives to the end of your choice.

Speaking of those endings, according to director Will Biles, quarry Multiple unique endings. This makes it fun to play the game multiple times. This can be done alone or with friends, even online. Friends can vote on the choices the characters have to make for life and death.

quarry From June 10 for PlayStation, Xbox and PC. You can also expect our review here at around that time.

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