June 9, 2023

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New Single by Chuckie Jam – “Emmène-moi”

Let’s take a quick look at 2018, when synthpop band Chackie Jam were crowned as one of the winners of De Nieuwe Lichting. However, we had to wait for a musical breakup, as we experienced with contemporaries Portland & Sons. A debut EP soon appeared under the name Hot Chicks And Douchbags But aside from their debut single “Hachi” winning them a cover of De Nieuwe Lichting and Dua Lipa’s “New Rules,” there was a literal radio silence. We didn’t get to hear anything new from Chackie Jam until 2021 and we got that with the songs “Don’t Dance” and “It Doesn’t Matter,” followed by a new EP Tell me. The band sees it literally and figuratively as big for the future, because the six track has been expanded to ten, and this has resulted in a live album consisting of twelve songs, ten of which are brand new visuals. Today with “Emmène-moi” we get a taste of what we can expect from this hitherto unnamed album.

“Emmène-moi” opens like any good synthpop song with funky synths and an equally funky bassline. We automatically start bobbing our heads and it doesn’t take long before we totally know we’re bobbing on this song. Singer Tom Tretzmans sings this time, with the ladies providing vocal support. It’s definitely an asset that every time Chackie Jam decides to switch up the vocals for each song, as this ensures a well-balanced variety. In essence, the band shows that they still haven’t lost their naughtiness a bit, and that’s also to their credit. They sing “Take Me,” and that leaves room for interpretation for the wildness and alienation. But you sure won’t stop listening to the song. Grab those roller skates and leg warmers because it’s time to get back to the funky roller disco.

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