December 6, 2022

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New stage S/park: space for more activity

New stage S/park: space for more activity

S / park in Zutphenseweg is entering a new phase. The council proposes to the municipal council to convert the S / park. The land will be sold to the developer Overijssel Restructuring Company (HMO). HMO is developing a commercial complex for innovative operations and manufacturing companies in cooperation with the municipality.

The S/park has an area of ​​about 8 hectares and is part of the former Akzo (now Norion) site. The necessary fences for current security are largely gone. This creates an open area that is more in line with Gasfabriek and is a larger part of the Knowledge Hub.

Previous plan S/park

One year after the AkzoNobel production branch closed at the end of 2016, Norrion, the municipality of Deventer, the Overijssel Restructuring Company (HMO) and the County of Overijssel have joined forces. A plan has been developed for an innovation center for high-quality chemical companies and start-ups, called S/park. Despite the special status of production and development of heavy chemicals at this site, the three-year trial period failed to attract a sufficient number of companies in this sector and create jobs. The profile turned out to be very specific. The original S/park was terminated in March 2021.

New stage S/Park

At the request of the city council, the municipality did not immediately return the land to Norrion after termination, but kept it in possession to control the area. In collaboration with project partners (District, HMO, Norrion) what we can learn from the unsuccessful S/park project – in order to get to the restart now – has been investigated.

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area development

HMO buys land from the municipality and develops the area on the basis of the new “economic profile”. Innovative, high-quality processes and manufacturing are central to this. With sustainable campuses for chemical companies and startups, and space for industry in the sustainable and circular applications category.

potential area

Alderman Thomas Walder: “S/park is an area with potential. There are many opportunities for collaboration from S/park, due to its location near the center and with Gasfabriekterrein as a neighbour. The successful breeding nest of innovative companies can expand there on the S/park site. We give space for operations innovative and manufacturing companies.”

Deventer Economy

A delegation from DEP (Deventer’s Economic Perspective) is involved in drafting the new plan, to ensure that the new S/Park better meets the desires of Deventer’s economy. The municipality will also be given the right to approve the arrival of new companies. The municipality no longer faces financial risks, because the HMO guarantees the purchase of 8 hectares of land.