October 2, 2022

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Nieuw virus steelt crypto wallet wachtwoorden via YouTube

New virus steals encrypted wallet passwords via YouTube

You may be under the impression that computer viruses are only spread through suspicious websites. But unfortunately you are wrong: viruses are more common than you think. Now it looks like a new virus is spreading through YouTube. Victims? browsers and Cryptocurrency Pocket wallet.

virus in youtube

Cyble Cyber ​​Security Researcher exploreIn a YouTube video about Bitcoin (BTC) Mining with the AIONHash program, a virus called PennyWise is distributed. The video in the description indicates a location where the program is hidden. The video was only viewed a few times during the investigation, but there are already about 80 similar videos on YouTube using Virus links.

Your computer can be infected by most web browsers, including more than 30 browsers based on Google Chrome, more than 5 browsers based on Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge.

The virus also uses various methods to disguise itself well. For example, the attack is immediately thwarted if the program detects that it is installed on a computer from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine or Kazakhstan. This suggests that the attackers behind the virus may be Russians, Although that wouldn’t come as a huge surprise.

Cryptocurrency wallets are weak

The PennyWise virus is a so-called “Infostealer” or information-stealing malware. PennyWise can steal different types of files on your computer, as well as passwords stored in your browser. Some cryptocurrency wallets are also vulnerable to the virus. Cyble lists Armory, Bytecoin, Jaxx, Exodus, Electrum, Atomic Wallet, Guarda, and Coinomi wallets as examples.

Once the malware finds such a wallet on your computer, it searches for personal data. After this data is stolen, the virus removes the program. It is unclear if the virus actually caused, how many victims, and how many cryptocurrencies were stolen in this way. This virus clearly shows that it is never a good idea to keep all your passwords on your computer, even if you protect it properly.

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