May 19, 2022

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"New YouTube feature that lets you repeat part of a video"

“New YouTube feature that lets you repeat part of a video”

YouTube is likely to come with a new “repeat” function to watch, listen to or skip videos easier and more complete.

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YouTube’s new feature

Popular video platform google browser It will have a new function after the next update, reports XDA Developers. It has been detected in the application code that you can repeat parts of the video. Creators have already got a job where they can upload their videos to YouTube We divide into chapters. With the new feature, these parts can be automatically restarted.

If you are often late taking notes on one interesting video, this feature might be perfect for you. Of course it can be videos Youtube Already delayed up to 0.25 times. This will give you the same effect needed for taking notes. It was already possible to set an entire video clip to “Repeat”.

Repetition of chapters is also useful, for example, to follow educational videos. In some parts of this type of movie, sometimes you need both hands. It is easier then if the chapter in question keeps repeating itself. This way you won’t have to drop everything every time to tap the screen again and To scroll to the correct section of a YouTube video.

A condition of using this new feature is that the video maker divides its video into chapters. With this it was already possible to easily jump to the right place, or split the video story. However, it is not clear if the feature will come to the free version of YouTube, or if it will only be possible with a Premium account.

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