March 28, 2023

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Newcub heads the federation one step away from the cup final | Sketch Cup 2022/2023

  1. 25′ – Yellow – Seni Linen
  1. 89 ‘ – Yellow – Gerano Church
  2. 85′ – Goal – Bart Neukop (1-0)
  3. 82′ – continued Michel Ange Balikuesha of Gerano Church
  4. 80′ – Yellow – Gilles Bataille
  5. 76′ – continued Victor Boniface from Yorbe Vertessen

The Union won its first encounter with Antwerp against Heysel. In a disadvantaged and closed match, the home team won thanks to a wonderful header from Bart Neukop in the final stage. The return will take place on March 2.

Union – Antwerp in a nutshell:

Key moment: 5 minutes before the end, when even the most optimistic fans had given up hope, the goal fell anyway. Bart Neukop outdid the rest and headed home a 1-0 victory over Botez in a poor game.

man of the match: For not getting the top scorer, the Al Ittihad midfield – with Lazar and Teoma – gets fame. They were the building blocks and guys who tried something every now and then.

statistics: Win number 11 in 12 matches for the Union and the only team to beat Antwerp (2x) in the last three months. The premium series is becoming more and more a delicacy for statisticians.

Nieuwkoop raises his head

“The second leg will decide everything,” sounded the unanimous opinion of coaches Gerarts and Van Bommel before the match.

A good listener didn’t need another word to fast-forward to the 85th minute from now on. At that moment, Lapussine took out his brush, this time so as not to leave behind messy stains.

The left back has painted leather on Newcube’s head. The Dutchman outplayed Antwerp’s defense at the second post and in fact headed the winning goal against Botez.

Everyone is happy at Union, because he is going to Antwerp next month with an extra goal. The one thing both teams will remember after a poor showing.

Jansen: “They’re with 12? They let themselves in on goal”

Vincent Jansen (Antwerp): “We can’t live with losing, but we have to. Did Union play 12v11? No. Of course there are times when you’re disadvantaged. Referees don’t make mistakes on purpose either. There were some moments, but we gave up the goal ourselves” .

Geraerts: “Ref? Individual quality made a difference”

Karel Geraerts (Coaches Association): “It doesn’t matter what the score is tonight, the match will be decided in a month’s time. I’m happy about that, but we’ll have to put the reward deep in our pockets. I can’t add anything to Toby Alderweireld’s opinion. I thought it was the individual qualities that made the difference.”

  1. The end, 22 hours 36. Al-Ittihad wins a disadvantaged battle: 1-0. In the second half, Union and Antwerp continued cooking with the same recipe: building in security. A goalless tie seemed inevitable, until Lapussin removed his brush. He found Nieuwkoop at the far post. The Dutchman outplayed the rest and headed the match’s only real chance against the ropes. .
  2. The second half, the 96th minute, the match is over
  3. Second half, 92nd minute. The closing seconds tick away. Antwerp is heading for defeat. .
  4. Second half, min. 90. I saw him pull off several sprints, but I don’t think Jorbe Vertisen hit the ball yet. Peter VandenPet.
  5. Yellow card for Gerano Kirk van Antwerp during the second half, minute 89
  6. Second half, 87th minute. Kirk puts his opponent above his knee and sees a yellow card on his way. Not a pleasant entry for the Dutch player into the cup. .
  7. Second half, 86th minute.
  8. A goal during the second half, in the 85th minute, by Bart Neukop of Al-Ittihad. 1, 0.
  9. Second half, 83rd minute. Neukop 1-0. Suddenly the target drops! Lapussine paints the skin on Newcope’s head. In the far corner, he climbs higher than Patay and shakes the Antwerp goalkeeper. .
  10. Second half, 82nd minute. Substitution in Antwerp, Gerano Kirk, Michel-Ange Balikuesha out
  11. Second half, 81st minute. Unseen for 80 minutes, now in the picture. Balikuesha goes to the side, newcomer Kirk being his replacement. .
  12. Yellow card for Gilles Bataille from Antwerp during the second half, 80th minute
  13. Second half, minute 79. A hook move that his grandmother could not be proud of. Gilles Bataille receives a yellow card for unplayable play. The ensuing free kick fell to Botez. .
  14. Second half, 76th minute.
  15. Second half, min. 76. After 14 years of Dutch football, Vertissen had a taste of a game in his own country. Toby Alderweireld gives chase, but the 127-time Red Devil has already faced hotter blazes. .
  16. Second half, 76th minute. Union replaced in, Jorbe Vertissen in, Victor Boniface out
  17. Second half, minute 74. Boniface checks his chest and thinks of something startling. The half ball looks nice on late replays because it doesn’t capture where the shot lands. .
  18. Second half, 73rd minute. Jorbe Vertisen prepares for the first time in the Union. Will he deliver the critical flash? .
  19. Second half, min. 72. The Stengs may be on the field, but it wasn’t his night yet. Botez throws the ball to his feet, after which the midfielder immediately loses it. Fortunately for the Stings, he evaded Union’s layup. .
  20. Second half, 69th minute. Bataille and Jansen try through the post. Al-Ittihad flies collectively and steals the ball from the duo. & nbsp; .
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