December 4, 2022

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Newest eye-catching event space at De Bie brewery in Wakken: 'Additional Tourist Assets'

Newest eye-catching event space at De Bie brewery in Wakken: ‘Additional Tourist Assets’

The Brewery De Bie in Hof ter Linden in Vijvestraat now has its own event space. This way, you want to respond to a request for larger groups for a drink, team building, or company presentation as well as a brewery visit. As icing on the cake, Hellekapelle beer has recently won awards as well.

Three years ago, the brewery expanded production to serve the Asian market from now on. It now has ten fermentation tanks with a capacity of sixty hectoliters. “In time, we will also have additional space in the SME area of ​​Oesegem which is yet to materialize, but that is not the case yet,” says business directors Nicholas and Jos T. John.

“A few years ago we actually built an additional shed for lockers and storage and now added an event space to it. We already had a café here where small groups could go, but with this we can also take in larger groups of up to 120 people. It’s not just a nice calling card. for the brewery, but it is also an additional source for tourists and responds to the trend that visitors want more bonding with a (regional) product.”

Visitors can book the hall with a visit to the brewery. For businesses, for example, it helps to have a presentation or networking moment in the room before or after. We can then do something special, like broadcast a brunch on Father’s Day or a World Cup match.”

The event space was baptized by fire last week. “I am with Frederic Miklot on the Brouwerij De Bie-Luxauto team. We finished third in the ORC Rally and in the Oudenaarde Rally. And as a thank you to our sponsors, I organized a connecting moment and a comedy evening in space,” says Nicholas.

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Meanwhile, Hellekapelle beer, one of De Bie’s classics, has also won awards. Blond beer won a gold medal at the European Beer Star Awards. Something I appreciate very much, as there is only one winner in each category. A few years ago, that same beer won a silver medal at the World Beer Awards.” And it doesn’t stop there for DB. At the beginning of 2023, 15 beers will be added to the range.

This would be Fris Bie, as Fris stands for Funky, Red, IPA and Saison, a special blend of different flavours. The longer the beer has matured, the tastier it becomes. A bit like wine, then. The beer is already finished and good, but if it was on the market in 2023, it would be even better. “

If you want to visit a brewery or book an event space, you can visit [email protected]. Nicolas is also looking for flexible workers and job applicants for a brewery or event space. Anyone interested can also let us know.