July 24, 2024

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Nice homage to Arnaud in his “own” Ostend (Brussels)

Nice homage to Arnaud in his “own” Ostend (Brussels)

Singer Arno Heintens received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Ostend Film Festival on Sunday. Thousands of fans and residents formed an adorable honor guard on the Kinepolis red carpet.

Each year, the Ostend Film Festival puts exceptional talent in the spotlight with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Actress Sien Eggers previously received an award, and Dutch brothers Alex and Marc van Warmerdam continue to receive awards as well. It was Arno Heintens’ turn on Sunday evening.

The singer – born in Ostend in 1949, then raised in Brussels – was the master of the first edition of the film festival in 2007 and received the first star on the Zedek Walk of Fame. The singer has been making music for half a century, and songs like “O la la c’est magnifique” and “Les yeux de ma mère” have become a national heritage.

The city of Ostend has invited residents and fans of the Arno to form an honor guard at Kinnepolis Ostend to honor the singer. Lots of people showed up there to greet Arnaud to the beats of his music.

“Tous des Europeans”

Arnaud received his award at Kinpolis and it immediately caused an emotional moment. ‘Merci, Merci, no war, nous sommes quand même tous des Européens’Arnaud said to a standing ovation from his fans. It is one of the most famous lines of his songs that many recite today. But there was also a lukewarm note. “Live mussels,” he said, laughing. This was followed by a standing ovation from the entire hall.

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After the awards ceremony, the short film La vie de Roger was shown, in which Arnault played the main role. This is not the first time he has appeared in a movie. In 2021, together with directors Dominique Deroder, Jose de Pau and Lou Bergmans, Standard-Journalist Peter Vanteghem Documentary Charlatan The Life of Arno Huntingins. In the same year, at the age of 72, Arnault released the piano record Vivre.

Arnaud has been fighting for some time cancerbut last month completed a long-sold-out concert series at the AB Brussels Musical Temple.