September 26, 2022

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Nick Cannon on the loss of his five-month-old son: 'He was clearly suffering' |  celebrities

Nick Cannon on the loss of his five-month-old son: ‘He was clearly suffering’ | celebrities

celebritiesZane, the five-month-old son of Nick Cannon (41), died in early December of a brain disorder. In an exclusive interview with the American magazine “People”, the comedian tells his girlfriend Alyssa Scott candidly about the loss. “I know the pain of chemotherapy is like no other. I just can’t do that to him.”

A few days after the birth of their son, Nick and Alyssa already realized that something was wrong with their newborn. Not only was their son “really calm,” but his breathing rhythm also turned out not to be 100% correct. “It looks like he had fluid in his lungs, a sinus infection or something.” The Zen doctors initially thought there was nothing serious going on, but after a week they suddenly changed their minds. “His head was growing very fast.” Next, the couple was told that the boy had hydrocephalus, a condition commonly referred to as “head of water.” In such a situation, the head is filled with cerebrospinal fluid. In Zane’s case, it was due to a tumor.

From bad to worse

According to Geoffer E. Olaya, one of the doctors who treated Zain, it’s a very rare condition. These tumors grow and spread rapidly. In addition, it is also difficult to treat.” Doctors tried to operate on the son of the American comedian, but during the operation they discovered that the tumors had grown larger. Cannon and Scott then set out to find a solution to save their son, but in the end there was nothing to do but make His life is as comfortable as possible. “I know more than anyone else what chemotherapy is,” said the comedian. “I know this pain very well and to see it in a baby who is barely two months old. I couldn’t do that to him.”

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In the months that followed, Nick and Alyssa consciously adopted a positive attitude. “Every month we celebrated his birthday. Every month he was still with us, we saw it as a victory.” But things suddenly went from bad to worse. It appears in the American magazine “People”: “You can see that he was suffering.” “He was gasping for breath. Sometimes we would wake up and not breathe for ten seconds in a row. Then a huge gasp followed. You can tell he found it terrifying, it was the worst thing I’ve ever been through.”

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