July 24, 2024

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Nils Destadsbader is broken: “It never happened again, he died” |  Football24

Nils Destadsbader is broken: “It never happened again, he died” | Football24

Saturday, June 15, 2024 – 5:00 PM I am the editorial board

Many years after his best friend Rob’s car accident, Nils Destadsbader is still plagued by guilt. He revealed this on the VRT 1 show “Nothing to See”.

“Robbie was also a musician and guitarist. But he didn’t think the music I made was really music,” Destadsbader says. “I know you can do a lot,” he said, “but you have to be more rock and roll.” At some point he had the idea to run his own version of “kryptonite”. “Then write your own version of it, something in Dutch.” I actually wrote down some things to try at rehearsal, but the rehearsal never happened. He died right before the rehearsal. I never touched those first lines of text again.”


Rob died on the evening of the day he celebrated his 24th birthday with friends. “While he was returning from his birthday party, there was a car accident. Robbie stayed there. I was going to take him home, but it happened differently. This is something that is still very difficult for me. If… “There’s only one thing I could do again, ‘I’d bring Robbie home.’ And that’s not going away.”

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Robbe overleed op de avond dat hij met zijn vrienden zijn 24ste verjaardag had gevierd. “Bij het terugkeren van zijn verjaardagsfeestje is er een auto-ongeval gebeurd. Robbie is daarin gebleven. Ik ging hem naar huis brengen, maar dat is anders gelopen. Dat is iets wat me nog altijd heel moeilijk ligt. Als er één ding is wat ik opnieuw zou kunnen doen, dan zou ik Robbie naar huis gebracht hebben", zegt Niels, die er zich nog steeds schuldig over voelt. "Sowieso. En dat gaat ook niet over.”