March 28, 2023

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NINA launched its collection in bright colors with Bel & Bo. This is our editors’ favorite: “Ready for porch weather!” | Nina

The new Bel & Bo and NINA collection is now in stores Which is just what you need to give your wardrobe a spring boost. Think cheery colors like baby pink and southern orange and summery fabrics like crochet and linen. Our editors show how they’ll wear their favorite piece. “This way you can add a cheerful dose of color to your outfit in one, two, three.”

She opted for a colorful floral printed kimono

© Pieter-Jan Vanstockstraeten / photonews

“You haven’t found a single kimono in my wardrobe yet, but I’m glad I made an exception for this light, breezy spring kimono. I love the relaxed cut and gorgeously flowy fabric, but I especially loved the print that popped. In one, two, three, you can add a cheerful dose of Colors to your look with this piece.

“While it can also be perfectly presented at a fancy party, I prefer pairing a kimono with a simple white T-shirt, culotte jeans, gold gems, a braided handbag and beige shoes or light pink loafers. I use the matching ribbon as a belt. Ready for porch weather!”

Valeria chose the white sleeveless shirt with a beautiful quote

Peter Jan Vanstockstreiten / Photonews
© Pieter-Jan Vanstockstraeten / photonews

“I am a real person sucker For a great statement piece of clothing. When I read the quote, “You make me dance,” I knew instantly: This is it totally me! Because as soon as I hear good music, I want to move. Plus, the white shirt is a classic that never goes out of style and you can literally combine it with everything. The bright orange lettering and sleeveless cut also make this item a bit unique.”

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“I also opted for a size up, for an oversized look and styled it cute and casual, paired with comfortable wide leg jeans and black All Stars. Accessories such as rings, necklace, earrings and belt complete the look.”

Chloe went for the candy-pink tailored suit

Peter Jan Vanstockstreiten / Photonews
© Pieter-Jan Vanstockstraeten / photonews

“Tight-fitting suit: A trend I’m glad it exists. I have a red, white, and beige suit hanging in the closet. The ‘hot pink’ version fits very well in between. If anyone else screams that suits are for men only, they’ll straighten my hair.” (He laughs). This strong suit is feminine, modern and saves you a ton of time in the morning.”

“I’d rather wear this pink version with a pair of sneakers to work. A pretty white shirt underneath: done. Although the pink is really pretty with the orange. Instant spring feeling! If it were a little more elegant (where’s this Barbie party?) I’d dare Go for heels. You can do that with the party too, with a pretty blouse underneath the suit.”

Kato opted for a blouse with a somewhat atypical print

Peter Jan Vanstockstreiten / Photonews
© Pieter-Jan Vanstockstraeten / photonews

A colorful blouse, who wouldn’t be happy with that? I love it, especially in mild temperatures. Nice and airy when the sun is shining, the perfect coverage for a fresh spring breeze. And one more bonus: You can style such a bright blouse very easily, even if it doesn’t look like it. “.

“Wear it with a smart gray or white pant, a denim skirt or like I did: a pair of light jeans. Top sets piece by piece! And definitely when you’re wearing trendy sneakers or heels.”

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Geertrui chose a bright orange mini skirt with a tie

Peter Jan Vanstockstreiten / Photonews
© Pieter-Jan Vanstockstraeten / photonews

“Orange is definitely one of my favorite colors. Oddly enough, I bought myself a skirt in the same shade last winter. This Bel & Bo item has a very cute cut, and has a fringe, flap front, and a bow that gives it some fun, like a tennis skirt.”

“You can combine the skirt with a crochet top—which is also in the collection—or do color blocking with a sleeveless top in the same bright color. The fabric is half linen, half cotton, so fresh and fun to wear. Let the sun come in and brown legs!”

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