January 29, 2023

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Nine Cool Gadgets You Might Have Missed / Moviemedia

We’ve let you pass for over 4.5 years Our newsletter for the weekend Learn about a great tool every two weeks. We would like to draw your attention to some of these tools again. Have nice things to try during the summer months.

1. This tool tracks changes to web pages for you
Making a simple change to a website can be big news. But then you have to discover this change. Versionista automatically monitors web pages for you and notifies you if anything changes on those pages.

2. Direct link to paragraphs in online publications
Anyone who compiled websites with HTML in the distant past will probably still remember the anchor element. With this element, you can link directly to a place on the web page. The TLDRify plugin for Google Chrome does the same thing. But in a way that everyone can access.

3. Don’t be alarmed by emails all the time
If you want to do a decent amount of work in a day, you only check your mail a limited number of times. For those who find it difficult to leave their mail alone, Adios offers a solution. The tool stops all incoming emails and lets them all flow to your inbox at the same time at the time of your choice. So that you are not constantly disturbed.

4. Compare files with Diffchecker
Of course, you can compare an old and new text file to discover changes in Google Docs or Office 365. But comparing old and new versions of PDFs, PowerPoint, and even images is more difficult. Rescue Team Checker.

5. Comment on websites
If you peruse paper documents while researching, you are likely taking countless notes while papers and reading. With online research, this is even more difficult. Fortunately, the Google Chrome Beanote plugin allows you to take notes directly on websites. These digital scribbles are only visible to you and remain visible, even if you leave the website and visit again later.

6. This is how you fool Google
Google keeps a close track of what you’re searching for on the World Wide Web. If you don’t want to, TrackMeNot offers a solution. The tool feeds many fake Google searches, which makes it difficult for the search giant to create a profile for you.

7. This is how to copy tables from PDF files
PDF files are useful if you want to format a document well. But copying text or data from a PDF file can be a crime. Especially if this data is processed in manual tables (or in this case: clumsy). Tabula helps you copy data from tables, so you can easily keep track of data journalism with it.

8. From the video to the Twitter thread
On average, Tweets with video images can rely on ten times more engagement than tweets without images. But Twitter is not the medium in which netizens stay on Twitter for minutes to watch a video. Clippost lets you cut videos into bite-size pieces and send them out to the world via a Twitter thread.

9. Send the articles that you do not have time to send to your inbox
Email This tool sends the text of the article you’re reading to your mailbox at the touch of a button. Useful for those moments when you come across fun pieces, but don’t have time to read them all.