June 9, 2023

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Nine people may have died in the crash of two military helicopters in the United States

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Two military helicopters have crashed in Kentucky. Nine people are feared dead. British public broadcaster BBC reports Thursday.

mtmSource: New York Times, BBC

At around 10pm local time on Wednesday night (5am Thursday morning Belgian time), two ‘HH60 Blackhawk’ helicopters crashed during a routine training mission in Drick County near the Fort Campbell military base. These helicopters belonged to the 101st Airborne Division, known as the ‘Screaming Eagles’.

The accident happened in Drick County. The spokesperson did not have any information on the fate of the crew on board.

A soldier at the scene reported to local radio station WKDZ that several people had been killed, but there was no official confirmation yet. “The status of the crew members is currently unknown,” the site’s press release said.

“We have bad news from Fort Campbell,” Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear wrote on Twitter, “with initial reports of a helicopter crash, possibly fatal.”

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