October 5, 2022

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Nintendo has videos about removing Switch emulation from Steam Deck – Gaming – News

Nintendo has started taking YouTube videos offline about enabling Switch emulation on Steam Deck. Videos about simulating switching are taken offline by YouTube due to copyright claims.

Video taking is now offline mentioned by computer. The video is said to have been taken offline shortly after it was posted. With Steam Deck, it will be possible to play Switch games on the handheld device. Since the Steam Deck has a similar form factor, Switch games are a good fit for it, but Nintendo obviously doesn’t want that.

Nintendo usually takes a hard line against emulating its consoles. For example, she fought a long legal battle against hacker Gary Bowser. He has been active for years modifying the console, which can be used to play illegal games. nintendo rearranged Ended up with him for millions of dollars.

Not just selling console mods or showing off Switch simulators can count on the resistance from Nintendo. Fan projects in which fans remake or modify their favorite Nintendo game can also count on takedowns from Nintendo.

Steam Deck has been on sale for a few weeks now and allows you to play several games from your Steam library on a handheld device. Tweakers also got to work with manual review read here

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