December 8, 2023

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NMBS will have to cancel more rush hour trains from Monday 23 May, travelers should look for an alternative (internal)

NMBS will have to cancel more rush hour trains from Monday 23 May, travelers should look for an alternative (internal)

Effective Monday 23 May, NMBS will cancel ten rush hour trains operating between Herentals and Lier, Antwerp-Central and Brussels-South. The reason is the lack of personnel in the area around Antwerp. Two rush hour trains between Nierbilt and southern Brussels will also stop operating from Monday.

In other words, Chris Van Rompuy

“It’s a decision that NMBS doesn’t like to make, but it is essential to the safety of our passengers,” spokesman Dimitri Timmerman said. “A train cannot operate without a train conductor. Moreover, by announcing this in advance, passengers will not face any surprises and can prepare to board another train.”

“The trains we will be canceling are trains that only increase the width in the morning and evening. This also means that passengers at the respective stations can rely on other trains.”

New employees on the way

In Neerpelt, among other things, travelers will have to look for a different solution. The train departing at 6.52am towards Brussels South and the night train from 5pm in Brussels South will be canceled with arrival in Nierbilt at 7:01pm. Rush hour trains have boosted offer before and after hours, but passengers are now advised to check NMBS’s online journey planner for alternative trains.

NMBS announced that 1,300 new employees will be hired this year, including 260 train conductors. Half of them are already employed, but they are still undergoing training. It lasts five months. The first new employees can be recruited gradually, starting next month.

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These trains will not operate temporarily from May 23

‘In the morning

  • Herentals (6.05 a.m., 7.05 a.m., 8.06 a.m.) – Antwerp Central (6.45 a.m., 7.45 a.m., 8.45 a.m.)
  • Lear (6:32 a.m., 7:32 a.m.) – Herentals (6:54 a.m., 7:54 a.m.)
  • Neerpelt (6:52 a.m.) – South of Brussels (9 a.m.): This train also stops at Herentals, Lier, and a number of other stations in the area


  • Antwerp Central (4:15 pm, 6:15 pm) – Herentals (4:52 pm, 6:52 pm)
  • Brussels – South (5 pm) – Nierbilt (7.01 pm)
  • Herentals (5.05 pm) – Leer (5.26 am)