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No Dutch victory among women: Blanca Fez sets Ardooie’s Kermiscross at her will |  Single Intersections 2022

No Dutch victory among women: Blanca Fez sets Ardooie’s Kermiscross at her will | Single Intersections 2022

Blanca Cata Fas won the Kermiscross at Ardooie. Hungarian Shirin van Anrooij left shortly after halfway. Top British talent Zoe Baxted finished fifth, and San Cant finished seventh in her first cross of the season.

Blanca Fez dominates, Baxted clash with the pros

The sun came just in time in the Ardooie. The rain in the last few hours made the track muddy, but it wasn’t dredging.

All eyes were on British super talent Zoe Baxtedt, but as younger (Zoe became the world champion on the road and on the field this yearIt’s still hard to compete against the pros.

Blanca Fez and Sherine Van Anroy attacked rather quickly. Bäckstedt couldn’t keep up with that speed but he tried to hold on bravely. However, she eventually returned to fifth place.

Hungarian Blanka Vas did not feel like riding to the end with Van Anrooij and decided to go out on his own. Victory was in.

Shereen van Enroy came in second, Van Alvin was third, Norbert Ribrol, the first Belgian, came fourth, and Saint-Kant was seventh.

Blanca Fez (1st place): “Fortunately there is only one uphill area”

Blanca Fez then began her speech: “It may have seemed as if this victory was too easy, but the truth is different.”

“I had to fight really hard for this and get it through. At the start of the race I tried to attack a few times, but they wouldn’t let me go. Until I got on the pedals for the third time, before we hit the asphalt towards the finish zone and then Van Enroge made a mistake, which suddenly made me a nice gaping hole. about the rest.

The Kermiscross track in Ardooie was very muddy in places due to heavy rain this morning. “Fortunately, there was only one uphill area,” Fass said. “The rest of the course can be described as slippery, but above all technical. That’s in my best interest.”

Shereen Van Anweruj (Second): “Overall, a good feeling on the first pass. I still have to get used to the break, I haven’t done a lot of cross-training yet. Hopefully next weekend in Tabor will be better technically.”

  1. 3 PM 01. VAZ VAZ. Shereen van Enroj is second in half a minute, Van Alvin is third.
  2. 2 noon 57. Bell last round. Hungary Blanca Kata Fez hears the bell ringing for the final round. She has a solid lead over Van Enroej, 21sec. And then we have to wait for Annick van Alveen. .
  3. 14 hours 54. Blanca Fez is outside alone.

    Blanca left Fez alone

  4. The time is 14:45. The ship Vas began to fly. At the start of the penultimate round, Fez is 15 seconds ahead of Van Anroy. Van Alfen finished third with a time of 1 minute 33 seconds. The stage looks familiar without bad luck. .
  5. 14 hours 37. Blanca Fez is gone again. Hungarian Fez once again makes a hole and on the Ardooie Asphalt distances itself from Anrooij. Van Alven left young Baxtedt behind. It’s already over a minute away. .
  6. 2 pm 34. Status quo after 3 rounds. The two leaders enter the fourth round together. Behind that, Dutchman Aniek van Alphen joined Backstedt.
  7. 14 hours 31. Sanne Cant in 1 minute. Behind the equipment center there is a reassembly in front. Vas and Van Anrooij together again. Bäckstedt cannot close the hatch. Belgian champion Sanne Cant follows in a minute with Riberolle. .
  8. 2 pm 31. The field is completely separate. The Ardooie’s slime has its effect. The whole package is completely torn. & nbsp; .
  9. 2 pm 27. Blanc Fez off. Hungarian Fez accelerates and Van Anroy has to leave a gap. The gap widened with the young Backstedt. More than 30 seconds. .
  10. 2 p.m. 22. Van Anroy and Fez lead after one round. Quick start in Ardooie by Shirin van Anrooij and Hungarian Blanka Vas. Zoë Backstedt follows within a few seconds. .
  11. 2 pm 15. Bang! Women started.

    lively! Women started

  12. 13:28 The sun peeking through the clouds. The gray sky gave way to the blue, here and there a cloud and the sun. A signal for the audience to slowly reach the intersection. A true fairground intersection with the aroma of tripe and fresh beer. .
  13. 1 p.m. 27. All eyes are on Zoe Baxtedt. All eyes are on British celebrity Zoe Baxtedt. She is only 18 years old. She became this year’s champion on the road and on the field. & nbsp; .
  14. It’s a little drier in the VIP tent. 13 hours 24.
  15. It will be clumping. 13 hours 23.
  16. It’s wet in the Ardooie. 13 hours.
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