December 5, 2022

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'No harm to the dead, but there must always be a scapegoat': How 1992 became a 'terrifying year' for the Queen |  Queen's Contracts

‘No harm to the dead, but there must always be a scapegoat’: How 1992 became a ‘terrifying year’ for the Queen | Queen’s Contracts

PropertyApart from underestimating the importance and reliability. This is how members of the British royal family were known before 1992. But during the “awful year”, as the Queen called it that year, a completely different picture of the royals suddenly emerged. Relationships, divorce and the scandal in which John Bryan – den jon From “Astrid in Wonderland” – Suck Sarah Ferguson’s toes… “When I see her, the room is so small, Philip is said to have said.”

This year, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II will take the throne for 70 years. On the occasion of the Queen’s platinum anniversary, we list the most important moments from her reign. Every day we take a closer look at a decade. Read all about the Queen’s contracts in our profile.

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