November 30, 2022

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No maximum penalty for Dante Vanzer: Five match day suspension plus three match day conditional punch

No maximum penalty for Dante Vanzer: Five match day suspension plus three match day conditional punch

On Tuesday, the federal prosecutor requested the maximum penalty for Dante Vanzer after he slapped Charleroi defender Valentin Ozoronoafor last weekend: a six-day match ban, plus two days of probation. The Dispute Commission did not fully follow the federal prosecutor’s penalty: it will be a five-day suspension, plus three conditionals and a fine of 6,500 euros. The union can still appeal.

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The Federal Prosecutor’s Office saw the fact that the Charleroi player was endangered and that the blow could cause a serious injury to Osornoavour. On the other hand, the direct red card and Vanzer’s apology were not considered extenuating circumstances by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office. According to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, only his clean criminal record falls into this category.

That’s why she also delivered the maximum punch for the punch: six weeks of suspension, plus two days of probation. If the Dispute Committee had followed this up, Vanzer would not have been working for the remainder of the normal competition. After all, there are only six more days left. But due to a five-match suspension plus three conditionals, he could still make it to the Federation in the final round (on April 10 against Beerchot), which he can still appeal.


During the defense, Union had already announced that it did not agree with the request of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office. The Federation certainly didn’t want to justify a blow in the face, but it saw more extenuating circumstances than the Federal Prosecutor’s Office. “Dante has always been athletic for what he did last weekend. This shouldn’t be a sample file. No discussion possible, no place for battle on the football field. Fortunately, the Charleroi player is not seriously injured and is training again. Dante apologized in “That has to play a role,” said Chancellor Daniel Sprotels.

The union asks for a reduced sentence

The growing tension was then cited to explain Vanzer’s incomprehensible work. “You must not forget that he is still young and has a new stature since this season. This is a celebrity. He is increasingly in the spotlight. All of this is causing stress.” Therefore, the union demanded a reduced sentence. “I do not agree with the criminal procedures of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office,” Sprotels continued. “If I ask for the maximum penalty for Dante, what about the others who have done it more than once or who show less respect? This does not have to be in effect for a six-week suspension. It can be more of a conditional match safely.”

Vanzer himself also spoke briefly during the session and stated that he had no intention of striking Osornoavur. “I had no intention of hitting him. I didn’t know the impact of the situation. Then I realized it and apologized.”

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