December 9, 2022

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No Wi-Fi, No Electricity: Living Like a Modern Caveman is this year's hottest trend for travel |  Nina

No Wi-Fi, No Electricity: Living Like a Modern Caveman is this year’s hottest trend for travel | Nina

There is no TV screen. No internet. Preferably no electricity at all. Vacation homes that let you off the grid appear like mushrooms. Seems like pure luxury according to the new travel trend, Back to Basics is perfect for those who want to detox from high-tech life.

Cabin equipped with wood stove, hot water bottles, no WiFi at all: this is how Warredal Holidays describes the famous ‘comfortable cabins’ you’ve probably already seen in your Instagram feed (from €269 for two nights). They also rent family friendly cabins and straightforward tree houses, but the rules stay the same. You get as little modern comfort as possible to fully enjoy each other and nature. Luxurious, but different.

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From “vanlife” to a tiny house with a hot tub

Going “off the grid” — literally “off the map” or “off the grid” — to escape constant notifications, emails, and popups is one of the travel trends of 2022. Warredal is almost fully booked this fall, as is a similar Nutchel cabin in the Ardennes (from 230 euros for two nights). Airbnb has added ‘off the grid’ to its popular subcategories and in our country more and more ‘eco resorts’ or nature accommodations are opening up. least is more It rose to the level of art.

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that the Flemish people collectively choose “vanlife” Traveling in a converted pickup truck is also in line with this trend.

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The noise goes as far as staying somewhere far away, away from all the hustle and bustle. Many off-grid places also proudly declare that they are not connected to the electricity grid and have their own water supply.

For example, all the homes of the new eco-resort Your Nature in Hainaut (from € 125 per night) live on the power of their own solar panels. At Airbnb ‘Tiny Farm Nokere’ in Kruisem (€123 per night) you get a full twenty-liter bottle of water that you can refill on the farm. In order for the house to be completely “clean”, it also has a composting toilet, like more small off-grid homes.

But make no mistake: accommodation is always beautiful and sometimes luxuriously appointed – the hot tub next door is not a rare addition. Caveman ChicSay.

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There are also many inspiring examples abroad. There is a Fisherman’s Cabin (from €100 per night) on a lake in southern France Dordogne: in addition to solar power and a composting toilet, the cabin also comes with binoculars, a compass, board games and a radio. In Sweden’s “most primitive hotel”, the Kolarbyn Eco-lodge (from €73 per night), the huts made of earth have no shower and no electricity, you can cook over an open fire and go collecting food in the forest with a guide.

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‘I sleep better off the grid’

Anyway, the guests are excited. “Sure, a green digital detox looks great,” travel blogger Sian-Anna Lewis also known as The Girl Outdoors told The Independent. “I also sleep better somewhere off the grid to stay in. I go to bed when it gets dark and the light wakes me up. Plus, it’s soothing to be able to take a break from all the notifications. I can finally live in the moment.”

Tina Clark is an Off the Grid Home Manager. “At first, we wanted to have a minimal impact on the nature in which we live,” she told The Independent. Our guests are also very fascinated by our economical way of generating electricity. But in essence, I think the main attraction lies in the fact that you can live a more pure and simple life here for a while.”

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