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No win over Wales again: The Red Devils still squandered victory in the last minutes |  UEFA Nations League 2022/2023

No win over Wales again: The Red Devils still squandered victory in the last minutes | UEFA Nations League 2022/2023

The demons of Wales will continue to haunt her for some time. Once again, the Red Devils failed to beat their bogeyman, despite their perfect starting position. Yuri Tillmans gave Belgium the lead with a beautiful goal. Only Brennan Johnson punished the Devils’ slack in the last quarter with a late draw. Wasted a unique opportunity to catch up with the Netherlands.

Wales – Belgium in a nutshell:

  • Key moment: Wales continues to search for the equalizer in the final and it pays off. In the 86th minute, Ramsey got the ball on with a nice flick to Johnson, and the young substitute made Cardiff City Stadium explode with a 1-1 finish.
  • man of the match: He was a golden replacement for Brennan Johnson. It’s already been two golden months for the 21-year-old striker. Promoted to the Premier League with Nottingham Forest, he helped Wales to their first World Cup appearance in 64 years and scored his first goal for the national team tonight.
  • noticeable: To say Wales is not the favorite opponent of the golden generation is an understatement. In recent years, the Devils have now played against the Welsh 7 times, and the Belgians have only managed to win once.

Rejected 1-0, Trossard misses 0-1

The score was 1-0 before kick-off. With their version of the Welsh national anthem, the team’s fans delivered true goosebumps. Less than 5 minutes into the match, the score was 1-0 effective on the scoreboard. Or at least for a moment, because the VAR rejected Ampadu’s early goal for offside.

It was an exciting start for Wales. The Belgians had a hard time with this. Boyata let James pass through his legs, and Bale was unable to extend the ball into the goal. On the other side, Tillmans put up some resistance, and Hennessy parried a powerful blow.

The Belgians gradually improved in the match, but the finesse was lacking. Carrasco ended up dumping Hennessy after a nice cross from De Bruyne. Moments later, he got a second chance on a sharp table, but missed his shot completely.

Shortly before the end of the first half, Trossard approached the score 0-1 with a shot stopped by Batshuayi, but only for the open goal he missed. De Bruyne also took his chance with a sudden bang, keeping Hennessey Wells straight again.

The demons take over the match

Early in the second half, the Belgians succeeded. After a gentle attack, Batshuayi retained the overview at sixteen. He prepared the ball perfectly for Tielemans, who shot 0-1 just beyond Hennessy’s reach.

The hardest thing seemed to be done, and the score 2-2 in Holland and Poland also sounded like music to our ears. But it turned out to be a lullaby for demons who weren’t looking for a second target. In the second half, which was full of substitutions, the Belgians allowed Wales to return to the match.

With a header from Rodon in a Ramsay free kick, the Devils escaped, but moments later were injured. After superb help from Ramsey himself, Johnson dominated the equalizer after Castells. Offside edge, but VAR corrected the faltering assistant referee. Once again there is no win for the Belgians against the Engstigner.

  1. The second half, the 97th minute, the game is over
  2. The second half, the 97th minute. The end. There is no confirmation of the Red Devils after the landslide victory over Poland. Thanks to a goal scored by Tillmans shortly after the end of the first half, the Belgians looked on their way to victory, but Roberto Martinez’s side allowed the Welshmen to return to the game and Johnson managed to equalize in the final stage. †
  3. The second half, the 93rd minute. Martinez drops Obenda in the team. Witsel is taken to the side. †
  4. Second half, 93rd minute. Substitution in Belgium, Loïs Openda in, Axel Witsel out
  5. The second half, the 91st minute.
  6. 1-1! This time the demons were not saved by the VAR. The goal is indeed correct. Demons get little of what they brought upon themselves, the signs are correct again. † Second half, 88th minute.
  7. Second half, 87th minute.
  8. equalizer? There is a 1-1 after all, right? Johnson could push the equalizer past Castiels after a fine flick from Ramsey, but was flagged at the flag for offside. What does VAR say? † Second half, 87th minute.
  9. Second half goal, 86th minute by Wells Brennan Johnson. 1, 1.
  10. Second half, 86th minute. Rodon is heading! A shock to the Belgians with a free kick from Ramsay. The ball falls in the middle in front of the goal on Rodon’s head, but he is very surprised with his head above it. †
  11. The second half, the 83rd minute. Now Wales can tap the ball very smoothly and impose another corner kick. This yields nothing, but the Belgians are now holding back a lot. †
  12. Second half, 80th minute.
  13. The second half, the 78th minute. Wales is trying to do something, despite the many substitutions. The Red Devils dominate the game, although the margin remains tight. †
  14. The second half, the 73rd minute. Substitution in Wales, and Brennan Johnson and Gareth Bale entered
  15. The second half, the 73rd minute. Praet and Hazard between the lines. It’s time for a major change in personnel on both sides. In the Red Devils, Bright and Eden Hazard are in the De Bruyne and Trussard squad. In Wales, Bill and Wilson gave way to Johnson and Burns. †
  16. Second half, 73rd minute. Wales substitution, Wesley Burns exit, Ben Davies exit
  17. The second half, the 73rd minute. Substitute Wales, Robin Colwell inside, Harry Wilson outside
  18. The second half, the 72nd minute. Substitution in Belgium, Eden Hazard inside, Kevin De Bruyne
  19. Second half, 72 minutes. Substitution in Belgium, Dennis Praet inside, Leandro Trossard off
  20. Reese Norrington Davies from Wales is yellow carded during the second half, 68th minute
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