February 5, 2023

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Noc w Przedszkolu review [Netflix]

Noc w Przedszkolu review [Netflix]

direction: Rafal Skalski | Scenario: Marek Baranowski | Throw: Piotr Witkowski (Eric), Lena Jura (Justina), Matilda Damica (Kaccha), Zbigniew Zamachowski (Tadeus) and others | game time: 97 minutes | general: 2022

Worthless, Eric wants to prove to his girlfriend that he can be a good partner by joining the parents’ meeting at her son’s elementary school. The other parents present don’t exactly welcome Eryk with open arms, as they brazenly dislike his stepson and would like to see him leave as soon as possible. When all the parents attend the Christmas performance together, the whole event turns into a series of disconcerting and inspiring events.

Noc w przedszkolu It’s set in the comedy genre by Netflix, but from the promotional materials to the soundtrack and design hints at a touch of horror. However, that’s it, because you don’t see real horror in this Polish movie. Unfortunately, it’s not really funny and that’s what happens Noc w przedszkolu Somewhere in the black hole of oblivion and does not make any impression.

Main character Eryk does not advance the story either, as the actual focus of the story is his protégé Tytus, who is not present for important scenes. Additionally, Eric’s motivations are not clear and there is absolutely no character development, which is indeed true of all characters.

The character who takes off much worse is the elementary school teacher. They appear at completely random moments and then disappear into the shadows. This gives the character a sinister vibe, but this is not ultimately sought after. Turns out she’s just an ordinary educator who wants the best for her students. Somewhere halfway through she stepped out of the picture for the last time, after which we never saw her again. Again, not for a sexy and mysterious reason, but simply because the writers ran out of lines for her.

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What’s the message Noc w przedszkolu Still not confirmed. It will no doubt have something to do with the conflicts between parents and their children, the childish tensions between adults and the dangers of bullying, but none of those things come across as a good reason to watch the movie. The creators don’t seem to have spent much time coming up with interesting stories, so it’s up to the viewer to come up with an entertaining alternative. Perhaps it fits better with the still somewhat interesting visuals of the movie.

Noc w przedszkolu can be seen at Netflix.