December 4, 2022

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Noemi Wolves and Balthasar Guitarist Simon Cassier Are Married: 'We Are Engaged' |  Instagram HLN

Noemi Wolves and Balthasar Guitarist Simon Cassier Are Married: ‘We Are Engaged’ | Instagram HLN

BVHe will soon marry former hoverphone singer Noémie Wolfs (34) and Balthazar bassist Simon Casier (34). Lovebirds advertise themselves on Instagram.

“We’re engaged,” the two share ecstatically. In the accompanying photo, Wolves is proudly showing off her engagement ring. Their dog, French bulldog Gus, is also allowed to stand. Ring, let the singer know.

Noémie and Simon have been a couple since 2014 and met at the Museum of Islamic Art. The two live together in Antwerp and have also regularly joined forces on a professional level. For example, Simon collaborated on a solo album with the former Hooverphonic voice. “He’s my teacher and the perfect soundboard,” she told Nina. “When we make music together, it’s completely automatic. We just pick up an instrument, start jamming and let the magic do its work.”

The couple is not thinking about children at the moment. “They come up with an agenda,” Wolfs said in the same interview. “With hobbies and school appointments and caring moments. I’m not interested in any of that. I just want to be able to travel my whole life. Becoming a mother isn’t necessary. To be honest, I also consider my French bulldog Gus a bit like my baby. If I could, I would take her everywhere.”

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