December 8, 2023

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Nokia 9 PureView won’t get Android 11 upgrade after all due to camera issues – tablets and phones – news

I just want to point out a few things,

Nokia releases security updates for all of its devices every month. So it’s not because upgrading to the new Android version doesn’t come because you don’t get the regular version. The November update for this device has already been rolled out.

I don’t know of any other Android manufacturer, except perhaps Google itself, that pushes security updates to all of their devices every month. Yes, Samsung is on its high-end devices but in its full range?

Nokia’s philosophy on e-waste is noble but we have to be honest, they don’t sell it because it makes it more expensive while the consumer turns up his nose. Nokia often uses a metal case that holds the phone with the screen closed. Between the metal and the screen is a soft material. The last generation continues this by mixing with rubber and metal.

That adds weight, big frames and no wireless charging (they just launched their first wireless charging phone) while the price is high. However, they are phones where all those silly cases don’t have to be used, something he’s now technically trying to implement even more by calling them “rugged”. The Competition comes with curved glass at the front, glass at the back and a small side, even with lids that break very quickly. If you want to reduce e-waste, you don’t want devices to malfunction, but in business terms, you shoot yourself in the foot. Providing a bare Android system with no supported apps or an entire ecosystem from the manufacturer to their app stores ensures that they don’t get any extra income.

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The 9 PureView had an amazing camera when it was introduced, but it was really exciting when it came to camera software, something it never really corrected. I only see the fact that they are now offering a discount as a company that stands behind their product and doesn’t pretend they don’t know anything.

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