November 27, 2022

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Nokia wants broadband for everyone

Nokia wants broadband for everyone

Nokia wants to provide everyone in the world with broadband connectivity. To that end, the company has entered into a five-year deal with AST SpaceMobile to build the first broadband cellular network in space that can be accessed directly by standard 4G and 5G mobile devices.

AST SpaceMobile’s BlueWalker 3 experimental satellite launch later this year will begin global testing with mobile operators on six continents.

AST SpaceMobileThe company’s approach will mean subscribers outside of cellular coverage can reach broadband speeds without investing in specialized hardware and roaming from Earth to satellite networks for the first time. Through its relationships with mobile operators, AST SpaceMobile has agreements and understandings with mobile operators who together serve more than 1.8 billion mobile customers.

Nokia solutions

Nokia AirScale Single RAN equipment shall enable AST SpaceMobile to provide mobile services to new and existing subscribers on land, at sea or in flight. Nokia will provide equipment from its AirScale range, including AirScale base stations powered by the latest generation of Nokias. Sharks System-on-Chip (SoC).

AST SpaceMobile will make use of standard Nokia baseband cards that add capacity when needed, providing flexibility and efficiency. Nokia will be too NetActA solution for network management and seamless daily network operations, as well as optimization services and technical support.

Hundreds of satellites

AST SpaceMobile plans to launch its BlueWalker 3 satellite from Cape Canaveral, Florida, early to mid-September for testing purposes. Ultimately, AST SpaceMobile aims to deploy approximately 100 satellites to achieve significant global mobile coverage.

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“Nokia supports us with dozens of engineers and development professionals, including architectural research experts at Bell Labs, the world-renowned industrial research arm of Nokia. In the coming months, our BlueWalker 3 test satellite is scheduled to be launched into low Earth orbit. This satellite contains On a 64 square meter phased array antenna designed for direct cell connection. With this satellite, we plan to conduct tests around the world with leading mobile network operators, leveraging Nokia’s terrestrial technology solutions,” said Scott Wisniewski, Chief Strategy Officer at Nokia. AST SpaceMobile.

The other half of the world

“Everyone must be empowered to participate in the digital economy”

Nokia is committed to equal opportunity for all and access to education, healthcare, jobs and digital services for the community. The network of networks supports the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development’s 2025 goals, which aim to “connect the other half” in the next five years.

The company is involved in several ongoing projects around the world, including El Salvador and Kenya. These public-private initiatives aim to bring public services such as schools and hospitals online. It aims to significantly improve internet access and lay the foundations that will enable everyone to participate in the digital economy.